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Conor McGregor Accuses Justin Gaethje Of 'Pretending To Be Asleep' After Tapping Out In Title Fight

Conor McGregor Accuses Justin Gaethje Of 'Pretending To Be Asleep' After Tapping Out In Title Fight

The Irishman has gone swinging in here...

Conor McGregor has accused Justin Gaethje of "pretending to be asleep" after tapping out against Charles Oliveira at UFC 274.

For the second time in his career, Gaethje fell short in his quest for a UFC belt, getting caught in a rear-naked choke by Oliveira, suffering a fate similar to his first lightweight title shot against Khabib Nurmagomedov.

And if he was looking for any words of encouragement, former champion McGregor wasn't going to give them to him.

The duo's bitter war-of-words has now escalated with McGregor basically accusing Gaethje of looking for an escape during his bout against Oliveira.

In the wake of the loss, McGregor tweeted: “Gaethje is a jackass. The amount of absolute dribble he speaks as well. Over and over. A Grade A jackass!

“A bird brain with a bird brain manager. Two bum t**** they are. He is. A Jackass. Stevo-O crack head in recovery should see can Johnny give him a part.”


But the Irishman wasn't done.

“This absolute clown! The aul pretend to be asleep after he tapped as well lol. Jackass,” McGregor added.

It all seems pretty spicy, but this is nothing new as they pair have exchanged plenty of pleasantries in the past.

“I think he's a b***h,” Gaethje said of McGregor back in 2021.

“I think he's scared to fight me and his coach is smart enough to not let that happen.

“These guys have had their eye on me forever and they are too chicken s*** to pull the trigger. He does not have the confidence anymore.”


Some MMA die-hards have called for Gaethje and McGregor to finally settle the score inside the octagon, but it seems the Irishman has his sights set on another human highlight reel in the 155-pound division.

“I’d have a nice knock off this guy, no doubt about it," McGregor tweeted after Michael Chandler's devastating front kick KO of Tony Ferguson at UFC 274.

“A firework spectacle. I like the 170 shout also. Tipped him over.

“I’m definitely game to fight this guy at some stage in my career. I see it happening after tonight.

“Congrats on a solid win Michael and another barnstormer.”

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/thenotoriousmma/Alamy

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