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Alex Pereira reveals he's moving up to light heavyweight, fans predict huge double title fight

Alex Pereira reveals he's moving up to light heavyweight, fans predict huge double title fight

Poatan is moving up a division and it has fans salivating at a potential fight down the line.

Alex Pereira has announced a move up to the light heavyweight division following his loss to Israel Adesanya at UFC 287.

The former middleweight champion was dethroned by his combat sports rival via a brutal knockout in Round 2 of their main event fight.

Now, ‘Poatan’ is ready to take the light heavyweight plunge claiming he ‘did my work at 185’.

He told his YouTube channel: “My next fight will be at 205.

“Yeah, you heard right. My next fight will be at 205.

“I think I did my work at 185, and now I’m feeling good to go up to 205. Like I told you, when I’m feeling good, I will go up. This will be something natural, and now I think it is.”

It seems like the most sensical move for the Brazilian who looked as though he should’ve always been in a higher weight division from his moment stepping into UFC.

Both Adesanya and UFC president Dana White believed the former champ’s future was at light heavyweight.

However, the former kickboxer wanted to clarify his move up a division had nothing to do with his struggle to cut weight.

He continued: “My next opponent, I can’t tell you, but I will keep you updated here on my channel.

“But as well, I want to make one thing clear: The division 185, I always made weight. A lot of people had doubts, but I always fulfilled my obligation.

“But now it’s the moment to go up to the next division. This will be better for me.”

While he’s moving away from Adesanya for the time being, many have predicted that this is setting up for a mammoth trilogy fight with two titles on the line.

One fan predicted that Pereira defeats Jamahal Hill for the light heavyweight title while the Nigerian defends his middleweight belt.

They wrote: “Alex defends the LHW belt vs Izzy in fight #5 to end the rivalry with double champ status on the line.”

And that had fans salivating at the prospect.

Another fan commented: “This is the IDEAL storyline.”

One added: “My god. I didn’t even think of this.”

A third said: “This s**t would be epic af.”

Of course, Pereira would have to go through Jamahal Hill first to get to the title, which won’t be an easy task at all.

The champion made note of the Brazilian’s decision to move up divisions.

He wrote on Instagram: “Welcome and can’t wait to see you Alex Periera.”

Poatan responded: “I am coming and will kick your door in.”

Exciting times ahead.

Featured Image Credit: Alex Pereira/Twitter. Associated Press / Alamy.

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