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Punter wins £40,000 for putting just £1 on Cheltenham Festival

Punter wins £40,000 for putting just £1 on Cheltenham Festival

The 50p each-way bet made one horse racing very happy, after he managed to get a winner in every single race on Wednesday.

A very lucky punter managed to turn one shiney British pound sterling into a £40,000 win, after picking a winner of every race on day two of the Cheltenham Festival.

I've already been asked a few times this week for a tip for Cheltenham and every time I say the same thing, "Keep your money."

That's because I'm a generally cautious person, but also because I have literally zero clue who to back in any race and would just end up losing every race.

Instead you should take tips from people who know what they're talking about, like the guy who won £22,000 from a 33p bet last week, although why anyone is placing 33p bets is beyond me.

Cheltenham Festival can certainly be an expensive week for anyone who is a fan of the horses, which is only people who have money invested in the race.

Going to the event could cost you as much as £20 a pint, so even attempting to drown your sorrows is going to be an expensive day out.

However, one punter certainly doesn't have to worry about that, having turned a 50p each-way bet into a mammoth £40,000 win, according to William Hill.

The bookmaker revealed that the punter bet on Impaire Et Passe, Bronn, Captain Conby, Captain Guinness, Lieutenant Rocco, Dinoblue and Captain Teague - they really liked the horses with army ranks didn't they.

Impaire Et Passe won the Ballymore Novices' Hurdle. Image: Alamy
Impaire Et Passe won the Ballymore Novices' Hurdle. Image: Alamy

Impaire Et Passe was the only horse that actually crossed the finishing line first in the bet, winning the Ballymore Novices' Hurdle, meaning the punter isn't even that good.

Fortunately they backed everything each-way, meaning the horses didn't have to come in first in order for them to win some money, and add to the seven fold accumulator.

William Hill are offering pay-outs on extra places at this year's festival, which saved the bet, with Captain Conby finishing sixth and Lieutenant Rocco coming home in fourth.

Lee Phelps, spokesperson for the bookmaker, said, "You’ve got to take your hat off to one of our customers who scooped over £40k at the Cheltenham Festival yesterday thanks in no small part to our extra places offers.

"The punter’s selections included Bronn at 50/1, Lieutenant Rocco at 100/1 and Captain Teague at 33/1, who all placed, and they were left celebrating a win of £40,929.31. We’ll be keeping an eye whatever they’re backing for the rest of the Festival!”

Still, if you want my tip, save your money, even the pound.

Featured Image Credit: Alamy/William Hill

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