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Tiger Woods receives backlash for handing Justin Thomas a tampon during golf event

Tiger Woods receives backlash for handing Justin Thomas a tampon during golf event

Tiger Woods is under fire for his actions

Tiger Woods is facing backlash after handing Justin Thomas a tampon whilst playing at the Genesis Invitational.

The event in California was Woods’ first competitive appearance in seven months and was competing alongside Thomas and Rory McIlroy.

At the ninth hole, after Woods outdrove Thomas, the American appeared to play a prank on his compatriot.

Woods walked alongside Thomas and discreetly placed something into the hand of the 29-year-old.

In the moments that followed, Thomas reacted quickly by chucking the item onto the floor. The pair then laughed together immediately afterwards.

It was later revealed by the cameras that it was in fact a tampon which was given to Thomas by Woods.

They may have laughed at the situation but the reaction on social media has been far from ideal, especially for Woods, who was the subject of criticism.

One person wrote: “This is just not that funny. It’s just a boomer joke and says a lot about Tiger.

“I bet his daughter loves being the butt of his jokes for the way she was born. What a guy.”

Anna Caplice, an Irish rugby player said: “If the world generally respected women I would be able to see the funny side of this. But it doesn't. So I don't.”

Another fan added: “Call me woke. Call me a snowflake. Call me ‘offended’. Whatever.

“But handing another male golfer a tampon is objectively not funny. It shows the sophistication of a 14 year old schoolboy.”

However, there were some people who defended the 15-time major champion.

Former professional golfer turned influencer Paige Spiranac said: “I need a LIV vs PGA tour Ryder cup type event just so Tiger can give Phil a tampon after out driving him.

“If anyone tries to cancel Tiger over this we riot. It’s funny”.

Whilst someone tweeted: “Brilliant from Tiger. Even better is that he had it in his pocket for 9 holes before he got it out, anticipation must’ve been unbearable for him.

“Golf is just a better place when Tiger is playing.”

Woods is yet to speak about the incident with Thomas publicly.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@cnrdstl

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