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Golf team sink six par three holes in three minutes, they set a Guinness World Record

Golf team sink six par three holes in three minutes, they set a Guinness World Record

A team of three set the Guinness World Record in an outstanding feat.

A team of golfers made history by setting a world record for the most par three golf holes completed in three minutes.

The group of female athletes went out to set a new Guinness World Record and did exactly that in Ontario, Canada.

The guidelines for the record required a team to complete at least three holes in three minutes with each hole at 160 yards minimum.

Members of the record-setting team included Jennifer Kupcho, Alison Lee, and A Lim Kim.

They achieved an impressive six holes within the three-minute time frame.

There was no record yet set, however, Guinness outlined the requirements as two groups of three LPGA Tour players attempted the feat.

With the support of Golf Canada, the two teams attempted the challenge on the par-3 17th hole at the Ottawa Hunt & Golf Club.

It was the same location that was hosting the LPGA Tour for the CP Women’s Open. 

The first team of Pauline Roussin, Megan Khang, and Rebecca Lee-Benthamm initially broke the record with a total of five holes.

However, their attempt was broken just a few minutes later. 

Claire Elise Stephens was the official adjudicator from Guinness World Records.

dpa picture alliance / Alamy

She was on-site to verify the attempt, in collaboration with the LPGA Tour and Golf Canada Rules Officials to ensure all the rules were adhered to. 

And the world record attempts were loved by all those in attendance for the CP Women’s Open.

Ryan Paul, Tournament Director of the CP Women’s Open told Guinness World Records: “The attempt was a huge hit and everyone including the players enjoyed it! 

“It certainly helped to have the second team break the first team’s record with a winning putt as time expired! Added to the drama. 

“This was a great event and we enjoyed partnering with Guinness World Records to bring it to life.”

The tournament was the only stop in Canada as part of the LPGA Tour calendar. 

The primary objective of the tournament is to support the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO).

The tournament helped raise over $2.5 million for the hospital.

Featured Image Credit: lpga_tour/Instagram.

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