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Aussie golfers go toe-to-toe in heated screaming match in viral video

Aussie golfers go toe-to-toe in heated screaming match in viral video

This might just be the most Aussie argument you've ever seen.

This might just be the most Aussie argument you've ever seen.

Two golfers from Down Under have gone viral online for engaging in a heated screaming match.

Any fellow golf enthusiasts hoping to enjoy a relaxing round were treated to anything but when two blokes started going toe-to-toe in the middle of the course.

Nose-to-nose, the pair even threatened each other with violence as tensions threatened to boil over.

Footage of the wild scenes have since surfaced on social media, racking up a ton of views.

It's understood the tense exchange took place at Cranbourne Golf Club between two members.

One of the men, a slightly older gentleman, took exception to the fact that the other bloke had spectators on the course and went over to confront the group.

Marching over while pointing his clubs, the man didn't exactly approach his fellow member in a calm manner.

“Why are there spectators? I don’t mind people watching by why are they on the golf course?” the man is heard saying.

His advances didn't sit well with the fella in the red, who fired back at the grey-haired older bloke.

“You better walk away now before I knock you the f**k out c**t,” he yelled.

The duo then squared up and went nose-to-nose with tempers well and truly flaring.

“I'll f**king smash you, piece of s**t.”

To which the older lad replied: “Go away you d**khead. Threaten me with violence? Take the first shot and I will have you sued for assault you idiot.”

A third bloke, this one wearing some sort of fedora, then tries to intervene and calm things down.

He failed, miserably.

As the older fella begins walking away, the lad in the red accuses him of “hitting up on us”.

“I am not hitting up on you,” the man screams back.

“Well you f**king are when we are there you stupid c**t. You are a f**king idiot,” he responds.

“You shouldn't be yelling at people on a f**king golf course you dumb c**t.”

The two parties then appeared to go their seperate ways, although the older gentleman was still absolutely fuming at what had just unfolded, admitting he was “shaking like a leaf”.

“You want to threaten me mate? I don't come to this golf club to be physically threatened,” he yelled into the distance.

“Want to smash me up do you? I am 61 years old. Come on you f**k head.

“That’s wrong. I’ve got to put up with that do I? F**k that. F**k that capatain. Control your f**king players... f**k the lot of ya!”

As the camera panned back round to the older fella, he was trying to take his shot, clearly still raging.

“I'm putting in an official complaint, f**k this,” he added.

“You saw him get into my face. You saw him physically threaten me.

“I am still shaking like a leaf mate. I don’t like to be physically threatened. He is a f**king beast. Who the f**k is he threatening me?

“And how come the captain doesn’t pull him up for that behaviour? That is totally wrong behaviour. F**king threatening me with violence. Going to knock me block off. F**k that idiot.”

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@JohnMilionis

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