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World Cup 2022: How many yellow cards are needed before a ban?

World Cup 2022: How many yellow cards are needed before a ban?

A look at how many yellow cards are needed before a ban in the World Cup 2022.

Harry Kane is reportedly set to be booked during today's clash between England and Iran if he wears a 'One Love' armband. But how many yellow cards can a player receive before they are given an automatic one-match ban during the 2022 World Cup?

FIFA have told the FA that the armband, which is intended to promote diversity and inclusion, cannot be worn during the tournament.

England are not the only competing nation to have committed to wearing the armband. But their game against Iran takes place today, with the potential consequences of wearing it - and the issues surrounding those consequences - brought into sharp focus for the first time.

Speaking at a press conference, Kane said: "I feel we've made it clear as a team, as staff and as an organisation that we want to wear the armband.

"I know the FA are talking to FIFA at the moment. I'm sure, by game time tomorrow, they'll have their decision.

"We've made it clear that we want to wear it."

FA chief executive Mark Bullingham, meanwhile, told BBC Radio 4 on Monday morning: "As I've said, we're very keen to wear the armband. We want to do it.

"But obviously we would need to consider the implications. Normally, there would be a fine that we get paid, and we would be happy to do that. Well, happy might be the wrong word, but we'd be prepared to pay the fine, because we think it's important to show our support for inclusion.

"If the sporting sanctions threat is real, we need to look at that, step back and work out if there's another way we can show our values."

Here is how many yellow cards a player can pick up before a ban at the World Cup:

World Cup 2022: How many yellow cards before a ban?

In the 2022 World Cup, a player is given an automatic one-match ban after receiving two yellow cards.

Red cards, meanwhile, also carry a one-match ban.

FIFA can decide to extend the ban should they deem it necessary, based on the severity of the cause of the red card.

However, yellow card records are reset after the quarter-final, so players who have already picked up one yellow by that stage do not have to worry about missing the final, if their team reaches that stage.

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