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Alisha Lehmann reveals her secret talent as Aston Villa star opens up about 'best celebrity DM'

Alisha Lehmann reveals her secret talent as Aston Villa star opens up about 'best celebrity DM'

The Aston Villa star has spilled the beans.

Alisha Lehmann has revealed her secret talent whilst lifting the lid on her best celebrity DM.

The Aston Villa star is the most followed women's footballer on social media, boasting over 15 million followers on Instagram.

The 24-year-old is said to receive an eye-watering £245,000 every time she uploads a new photo on the platform.

While her popularity has seen several celebrity names slide into her DMs, including Drake, who allegedly asked Lehmann for a jersey.

Now, in a recent interview with the BBC, she has revealed her hidden passion for rapping, admitting her and Villa teammate Shania Hayles had been writing together.

When asked to show the last note she had written on her phone, the Swiss international replied: "My last note? Me and Shania - she played with me last season - we wrote a little rap song, but I can't show it," Lehmann said. "It's unreleased. You will hear it when it's released."

However, Lehmann did give fans one line from the rap, adding: “I have a necklace right? It [says] ‘AL’. So it’s, ‘Strutting with my necklace on, its AL baby, that's my name’. Sick, isn't it?”

Lehmann was then asked to name her ‘best celebrity DM’, before bursting into laughter.

“Yeah obviously,” she said when asked if there was a “whole list” of celebs who had got in touch via social media. “I don’t have a best one," she added. "There's some good, good ones, but I can’t tell you. It's impossible. It’s too private I think.”

But when quizzed on who her most famous follower was, she admitted: “Probably Ronaldo from Brazil, one of the GOATs. But it’s Instagram, it’s not the real world.”

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