WATCH: This Is How The MLS Took Penalties In The 90's

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WATCH: This Is How The MLS Took Penalties In The 90's

Here's a throwback to how our buddies across the pond used to take penalties. What is going on?!

The American's were not quite convinced about the conventional spot-kicks, so they proceeded to mix it up by introducing the shoot-out in an attempt to "Americanise" soccer.

The taker would run with the ball from the 35-yard line similar to a Hockey penalty creating a 1-on-1 contest between the shooter and keeper.


Needless to say, it was hated as fans demanded a traditional product so it changed with the shootout format binned in 1999 and rightfully so!

If you don't know what we're are talking about, prepared to be disgusted by checking out the footage below.

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