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Toni Kroos says that the European Super League will 'reverse loss of enthusiasm'

Toni Kroos says that the European Super League will 'reverse loss of enthusiasm'

The Real Madrid star is the first high profile name to speak out in favour of the European Super League and thinks it will be good.

Real Madrid star Toni Kroos is the first high profile player to come out in support of the European Super League, with his team amongst those trying to restart it.

The European Super League got rightly shouted down when it was announced nearly two years ago, with football fans angry at the way a group of teams conducted themselves.

It was mainly protests from fans in England that led to the downfall of the competition, with the Premier League's 'big six' all dropping out.

Despite that, Real, Barcelona and Juventus have remained committed to the project, and are attempting to get it started once again.

The new idea, which could include 60-80 teams from around the continent, would see no guaranteed places for clubs and would replace the Champions League.

It appears to be a ploy from certain teams to attempt to keep up with the money that the Premier League can generate, which their domestic leagues cannot.

Now Kroos, who has won four Champions League titles in nine years at the Bernabeu, has thrown his support behind the potential new competition.

"I think we will see the Super League. And I believe so for several reasons," he told his podcast, Einfach mal Luppen

"The idea of the Super League has changed and deserves to be heard.

"If you look carefully from both angles, you will see that UEFA is by no means a great Samaritan for football fans and that the Super League has no plans, at least in the second attempt, to exclude any team, because there will be no permanent founding members.

"It is a sports competition, an open tournament, but managed by the clubs and not by UEFA, because these clubs believe that they do not need UEFA for that. I think this deserves at least one chance."

Kroos, along with Casemiro and Luka Modric, has won the Champions League five times in all. Image: Alamy
Kroos, along with Casemiro and Luka Modric, has won the Champions League five times in all. Image: Alamy

Los Blancos president Florentino Perez was one of the main pushers of the original Super League proposal, and he claimed that younger fans were no longer interested in football.

The 75-year-old also claimed that people only wanted to see the best teams play each other and, despite there being no guaranteed places for the 'bigger' teams, Kroos appeared to agree with those ideals.

"Although we have already talked about the loss of passion for football, I believe that the Super League has the opportunity to reverse that situation," the World Cup winner added.

"Let there be more enthusiasm and emotion for the games that we will be able to see. Because in the end, let’s not fool ourselves, many people always say, ‘Who wants to see Real Madrid against Manchester City every week?’ But have you gotten tired of watching [Roger] Federer against [Rafael] Nadal over and over again? I don’t. That’s my opinion.

"I think we can attract the fans and get them back to football, and it could also bring a completely different enthusiasm to the neutral fan. Because these matches are not only watched by the supporters of the clubs, but also by neutral fans.

"And I think that, with the feeling that interest in football is waning, we would have the opportunity to increase all that again if we seriously addressed it."

Maybe recent losses to Real Mallorca and Villarreal have made the Real Madrid star want to avoid any more embarrassments against sides not on City's level...

Featured Image Credit: Alamy/Twitter

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