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First trailer for Ted Lasso season three is released

First trailer for Ted Lasso season three is released

Lasso and AFC Richmond will be back in the Premier League for their third and maybe final season, can the American lead them to success?

Ted Lasso is set to return in a month's time, with a first look at season three of the popular Apple TV+ comedy show dropping on Tuesday.

It might be February but the real drama of the football season is only just about to begin, following the announcement of Lasso's latest season in charge of AFC Richmond.

When we last left the American coach, he'd just got his side promoted back into the Premier League but had lost former trusted sidekick Nate Shelley, who has now gone to manage West Ham.

That leads Ted managing the team alongside long time friend Coach Beard and former Richmond toughman Roy Kent, under the watchful eye of club owner Rebecca Welton.

They'll all be back for their latest attempt to stay in the top tier on March 15th, and you can see the first teaser in the video below.

After a first season when the players struggled to get on board with his rather out their methods, the players are very much behind the former American Football college coach.

The writing of their own 'Believe' signs, in their own fashions, mirrors the one that sits above the manager's office and is the mantra he coaches with.

It'll certainly be interesting to see how the south London side get on coming up against Nate and Rupert Mannion, the former owner of Richmond.

The Hammers new manager felt that Lasso was moving him aside for Kent, and let the confidence of being called a 'wonderkid' for his good ideas get to his head.

Nate also revealed to the press that Lasso had suffered a panic attack ahead of a game, something the club decided against revealing.

Lasso and the team celebrate their Emmy wins. Image: Alamy
Lasso and the team celebrate their Emmy wins. Image: Alamy

The third installment on Apple TV+ could well be the last season of seeing Lasso at Richmond, with the show's co-creator having revealed it's definitely the last part of this story.

"This story is going to be over [in season three], regardless, even if the show finds another story to tell and goes on," Bill Lawrence said back in October 2021, when season two ended.

Lasso's latest season will last for 12 episodes, which will come out weekly, meaning that it will end on May 31st, the final date for shows to be considered for this year's Emmys.

The first two series earned a combined 40 nominations for Emmy awards over two years, breaking a record in the first year with 20, and has won 11 to date.

Featured Image Credit: Apple TV+

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