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The hilarious moment restaurant owner thought Stormzy played for Manchester United

The hilarious moment restaurant owner thought Stormzy played for Manchester United

Rapper Stormzy was wearing his Man United shirt and a restaurant owner thought he was a footballer.

A restaurant owner thought rapper Stormzy was a footballer for Manchester United in a hilarious moment captured on camera.

'Big Mike' is a huge United fan and gatecrashed Sky Sports' coverage of the 2-1 win over Liverpool at Old Trafford back in August.

He's called himself "the grime scene's Lukaku" before and regularly has football-related bars in his tracks - having done so recently when he got Jose Mourinho in his video for 'Mel Made Me Do It'.

But while he's very famous and has had number one singles and albums, the 29-year-old isn't a footballer. Still, an owner of a restaurant saw him in his red United shirt and thought he was an actual player.

"I'm not a footballer, they think I'm a footballer," Stormzy can be heard saying in the viral video after a woman joked, "It's Ronaldo!".

Exuding politeness, 'The Problem' also told the chap his name was Michael and that he was musician before posing for a picture with a nearby fan.

He did also say, "I should be on my way to Wembley" when discussing his football exploits.

Stormzy memorably starred in United's announcement video for when they signed Paul Pogba back in 2016.

Image: Alamy
Image: Alamy

In collaboration with Adidas and his beloved United, Stormzy set up his own football team called Merky FC in a bid to improve diversity and representation amongst young people of black heritage within football.

"The statistics are shocking. I think it's down to visibility a lot," Stormzy told Sky Sports News.

"Even growing up we didn't see any black managers, black people on our screens in the media.

"So I think when Ian Wright comes along, Thierry Henry comes along, we know we can kick ball - we've always known we can kick ball - but in terms of the roles and the other positions in the industry we don't see our representation, and representation is important.

"When you can't see it, it's not always easy to believe it."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@poppy_hurst

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