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Speed thought Patrick Crerand was David Beckham, their bizarre exchange is absolutely hilarious

Speed thought Patrick Crerand was David Beckham, their bizarre exchange is absolutely hilarious

Speed met Patrick Crerand and their meeting was priceless.

YouTube star Speed had a brilliant exchange with former Manchester United player Patrick Crerand, incredibly mistaking him for David Beckham.

The American star travelled to Old Trafford for the EFL Cup clash against Aston Villa, hoping to watch Cristiano Ronaldo in the flesh.

But the superstar forward was ruled out due to an illness, with the teenage social media sensation poking fun at himself on Twitter.

"I'm crying right now i flew all the way to manchester to see ronaldo and he not playing," he tweeted after flying to England.

Speed, however, met another Man United legend in the shape of Beckham... well, he thought so.

The 17-year-old was introduced to Crerand, who played for Man United in the 60s, and hysterically thought he was the former England captain.

He asked the 83-year-old: "You're a legend?" To which he replied: "I played here before you were born."

Speed said: "You played here?! Wait, Beckham?"

Crerand laughed as Speed asked who he was.

"I'm a little older than David Beckham," the Scot replied.

Speed asked: "What's your name bro?"

Crerand replied: "Patrick Crerand."

Speed butchered his name, calling him 'Curney' before saying: "Who is he?! He played for Man United, baby, back in what 1720?"

Speed, who was shown on Sky Sports, watched on as Man United came from behind twice to beat Villa 4-2 on Thursday.

Ollie Watkins opened the scoring just after the break, with Anthony Martial immediately hitting back.

A Diogo Dalot own goal put Villa back in front as Man United equalised through Marcus Rashford.

Bruno Fernandes put his side in the lead, with Scott McTominay completing the scoring in stoppage time.

Speed didn't get to watch Ronaldo, but at least he witnessed a six-goal thriller under the lights at Old Trafford.

Featured Image Credit: iShowSpeed

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