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Southend Rename One Of Their Stands To Gilbert & Rose West Stand

Southend Rename One Of Their Stands To Gilbert & Rose West Stand

Rose West Stand...

Southend United may want to rethink their new name for the West Stand at Roots Hall.

Southend have sold the naming rights for their West Stand ahead of the new season.

Image: Alamy
Image: Alamy

The National League side have partnered up with local estate agents Gilbert & Rose.

However, it appears they didn't think it through as their West Stand is now named after an English serial killer.

Image: Southend United
Image: Southend United

After selling the rights to the estate agents, the West Stand at Roots Hall is now inexplicably called the Gilbert & Rose West Stand.

Of course, Rose West is a serial killer who collaborated with her husband, Fred West.

They murdered at least nine women between 1973 and 1987. She's currently serving a life sentence in prison.

The unfortunate, new West Stand name didn't go unnoticed by fans on social media.

One tweeted: "This is a blunder and a half from Southend United."

A second wrote: "This wasn’t thought through, was it?"

A third added: "How has that been approved?"

Another wrote: "Almighty clanger this."

Southend will welcome fans to the Gilbert & Rose West Stand on the opening day of the new season when they host Boreham Wood on Saturday.

Unless, of course, they decide to cancel their deal with Gilbert & Rose estate agents.

Featured Image Credit: Alamy/Southend United

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