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Richard Keys calls Mikel Arteta's touchline behaviour 'dangerous' and claims it could INJURE people

Richard Keys calls Mikel Arteta's touchline behaviour 'dangerous' and claims it could INJURE people

Richard Keys' long-running disdain for Mikel Arteta's pitchside antics continues.

Former Sky Sports presenter Richard Keys has criticised Arsenal boss once again, labelling his touchline methods as ‘dangerous’ behaviour.

This is not the first time Keys has been critical of the Spaniard, unfairly blaming him for incidents in the past as well.

Most recently, Keys claimed that Arteta was to blame for the unsavoury scenes towards the end of the North London derby where Richarlison and keeper Aaron Ramsdale had an altercation and the England international was attacked by a fan.

He has tweeted about Arteta’s conduct in the past as well. Keys believed Arteta was crossing lines with his behaviour and even called on the Professional Game Match Officials Board (PGMOL) to take action.

He tweeted: "Why is this allowed every week @FA_PGMOL? Arteta has been jumping up & down all game - way outside his technical area. Potter is in his & 4th is watching. Do something about this man."

This time, he has criticised Arteta for the amount of time he spends on the touchline, believing that the long periods of time that he spends in the technical area is “dangerous”.

“Arteta has spent most of the season on the touchline, which is dangerous. The possibility is that he collides with a player and people get injured,” said Keys, in an interview with Casinos En Ligne.

“There's a reason that the dugout is structured to be away from the pitch. He's also, at different times, has been on the halfway line or beyond.”

He continued by referencing Arteta’s behaviour most recently against Newcastle United.

“In the game against Newcastle he stood in front of Eddie Howe at one point. Well, that's not how it works,” stated the BeIN sports presenter.

“There are rules for a reason, and the reason with the dugout being where it is, is for safety. So you stay in it.”

Arsenal travel away to Anfield next in the Premier League in a bid to sustain their points difference with title challengers Manchester City.

Whatever the full-time result may be, you can be sure Keys will find something to prolong this silly obsession.

Featured Image Credit: Alamy/beIN Sport

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