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Surprise, Surprise: Kelvin Mackenzie's Being A Cunt Again

Surprise, Surprise: Kelvin Mackenzie's Being A Cunt Again

The S*n columnist has faced a backlash after his latest comments about Ross Barkley

Joe Baiamonte

Joe Baiamonte

I know, we shouldn't give Kelvin Mackenzie and his antiquated, elitist, racist bullshit worldview the time of day. Throw the reprehensible, lying toilet of a human being on the pile marked 'rent-a-bigots' with Nigel Farage, Katie Hopkins and Tommy Robinson and let them work themselves into an alt-right, white English frenzy about people not using the word 'Easter' and other similar shite.

However, when Mackenzie used his column in The S*n to needlessly villify Everton's Ross Barkley, following his nightclub altercation, last weekend, many footballers and football journalists have rightfully leapt to the defence of the 23-year-old England international.

Mackenzie, the ignorant, bile filled, gammon faced, anti-Liverpudlian fuckwit that he is, not only labelled Barkley as 'thick' but also claimed that any similarly financed lads of the same age from Liverpool could only achieve a great deal of wealth by being drug dealers.

Mackenzie also compared the Everton midfielder to a gorilla, with a picture captioned, 'Could Everton's Ross Barkley represent the missing link between man and beast?'

Just for the record, that's half Nigerian Ross Barkley, a mixed race human being, being compared to a gorilla.

And The S*n actually fucking printed this racist obscenity of a column. Although, that's perhaps not all that surprising, given Mackenzie also printed the poisonous 'Truth' about Hillsborough in 1989. A headline that only took him more than two decades to apologise for. And I use the word 'apologise' as loosely as humanly fucking possible.

Unsurprisingly, and thankfully, Mackenzie was soon ripped apart by footballers, former footballers and journalists alike.

Mackenzie's comments, about a working class lad from Liverpool, and about a large part of the city's population in general, only a day before the anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster, should come as no surprise for a man as morally bankrupt and repugnant as he has consistently proved himself to be over the years.

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