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Ray Parlour raises a 'Cobra Bomb' to the Queen in bizarre tribute

Ray Parlour raises a 'Cobra Bomb' to the Queen in bizarre tribute

The former Arsenal midfielder raised a glass to the Queen following her death on Thursday night, and also wished people a happy birthday.

Former Arsenal midfielder Ray Parlour gave one of the bizarrest tributes to the Queen, following her death on Thursday, by drinking a Cobra Bomb in her honour, and anyone whose birthday it is, as you can see in the video below.

There was a huge outpouring of emotion from many people on Thursday night, following the announcement that the Queen had passed away.

Sport certainly played its part in the immediate aftermath of the news, with some even finding out at half time of BT Sport's broadcast of Arsenal's Europa League match with FC Zurich, via presenter Matt Smith.

The two teams observed a minute's silence ahead of the second half and the same happened at Manchester United and West Ham's matches in Europe later in the evening.

Football then seemed to make a massive mistake when it came to allowing people to pay tribute to the former reigning Monarch by cancelling sport, because of worries about people booing.

However cricket did get it right by continuing the Test match between England and South Africa on Saturday, and having the first rendition of God Save the King on these shores at a sporting event since 1952.

England cricketers join in the national anthem. Image: Alamy
England cricketers join in the national anthem. Image: Alamy

Parlour on the other hand has gone for a totally different tact, by deciding to drink a Cobra Bomb, a shot of Jagermeister inside a Cobra beer, to celebrate the 96-year-old's life.

The whole video is just an incredible watch, from bigging up the great time he had on a night out in Worthing to transitioning into it being a 'very sad weekend.'

The former Arsenal midfielder goes on to say how gutted he was to miss out on the club meeting her, having already left the club.

When the 49-year-old says "I'm sure she didn't drink Cobra Bombs," you'd be forgiven for wondering what in the world is going on.

He then manages to not quite get King Charles' name right before wishing anyone whose birthday it is a 'Happy Birthday,' and then says he's sure the Queen will be looking down and saying 'Thanks Ray,' before finally doing the shot, it's a masterpiece.

Parlour takes a drink in the Queen's honour. Image: Twitter
Parlour takes a drink in the Queen's honour. Image: Twitter

It's not even the first time that Parlour has drank the drink in honour of Queen Elizabeth II, having also done so earlier this year.

In honour of the platinum jubilee, which celebrated 70 years of the Queen on the throne, the Romford Pele was given the chance to have the drink live on talkSPORT.

The fact he celebrated in such a manner just a few months ago makes his question about how long the Queen reigned for in today's video even more exceptional.

Parlour's time on the sport radio channel has seen him clash with AFTV in the past. The three time Premier League winner was not happy with the controversial YouTube channel's leader Robbie Lyle.

The former Arsenal star claimed that Lyle and the rest of his team preferred it when the Gunners lost, with the AFTV man claiming the ex player was 'out of touch.'

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