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Premier League players break the same rule every single game without being punished

Premier League players break the same rule every single game without being punished

Premier League players technically a break a rule that is not enforced properly.

Premier League players break the same rule very single game without being punished, as a viral video covers.

IFAB are regularly making changes to a slew of different rules and recent changes include increased added time, a serious clamp down on time-wasting and only one person being allowed to stand at the front of the technical area.

What's more, goalkeepers will no longer be able to cause a distraction to penalty takers when a spot-kick is being struck and anyone seen calling for a player to be booked is now automatically receiving a caution from the referee themselves.

But there are rules which are not enforced anywhere near as well in the professional game and one key one involves throw-ins.

When taking a throw-in, both hands have to go behind the thrower's head and both feet on the floor or else it as a foul throw and the other team retake the set-play.

But there is also another requirement which often gets forgotten about. As per Unisport, the thrower is during the taking not allowed to move.

The rules state that, "the thrower must throw ball the ball from behind and over the head at the point where it left the field of play" and therefore the slightest movement is technically illegal.

Unless it's completely obvious, the chances of a player getting pulled up on it are very slim and Stoke City legend Rory Delap would not have had a career.

Image: Getty
Image: Getty

It's also common knowledge that players cannot score directly from a throw-in but this happened recently in a women's game in the United States.

Zoey Maloney opened the scoring for Drake university women's soccer team against the University of Northern Iowa with an insane somersault throw-in that crept all the way in.

Because the goalkeeper got a touch on it, the goal stood.

Featured Image Credit: Getty & FA

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