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Harry Redknapp Was Once Threatened With Sack After Calling Owner 'C***' 16 Times In Meeting

Harry Redknapp Was Once Threatened With Sack After Calling Owner 'C***' 16 Times In Meeting

Harry Redknapp's colourful language prompted an official warning from the club.

Josh Lawless

Josh Lawless

Harry Redknapp was once threatened with the sack at Portsmouth after saying the word "c**t" 16 times at his chairman in a meeting.

The experienced, well-travelled manager, has had two stints in charge of Pompey, either side of a spell managing rivals Southampton.

He led the club to a memorable FA Cup win in 2008 and was given the Freedom of the City for his achievements.

Image: PA
Image: PA

But it could all could have ended very differently. In 2003, relatively early on in Redknapp's tenure, he and owner Milan Mandaric had a blazing row over the position of a transfer target.

Redknapp was adamant the player was a left-back, while Mandaric was under the impression that he was actually a centre-back.

The 75-year-old got so riled up that he used a certain expletive a ridiculous 16 times and ended up getting an official warning for his behaviour.

"He turned to me and said: 'Harry, this player, he's not really a full-back, he's a centre-back'. So I replied: 'No, he's a full-back, a left-back', only for Milan to argue back how he wasn't.

"When I asked how he knew, he said: 'Well, Peter Storrie's stepson has looked him up on Championship Manager'. At that point, I have gone into one. We have a row like you cannot believe.

"The next day we're playing Manchester City. I used to go in the directors' box then, but that match Milan wouldn't sit next to me or speak to me.

"On the Monday, I received a letter in the post - I'd been given an official warning. For the first and only time in my career.

"It stated that I had used this very, very, very bad word to Milan 16 times while giving him some grief on that Friday night. The word was four letters, you work out the rest."

Redknapp and Mandaric did patch things up after a 4-0 win over Bolton put the South Coast outfit top of the Premier League after three games.

Image: PA
Image: PA

Teddy Sheringham scored a hat-trick and Mandaric came up to Redknapp at the final whistle, saying, 'Harry, come on, you're my friend'.

The pair were cleared of tax evasion in 2012 after a lengthy trial.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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