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Frank Lampard's Incredible List Of Fines Imposed At Chelsea

Frank Lampard's Incredible List Of Fines Imposed At Chelsea

Frank Lampard's Chelsea dismissal means the expensive list of fines he imposed are now rendered obsolete.

For his first season in charge at Stamford Bridge, the Blues legend and record goalscorer introduced a fine system to keep the players in check.

There was a list of 12 in total and they were all signed off by Lampard on 27 August 2019, with the fines being typed up, framed and placed on the wall as a reminder to the squad.


Some of the fines range from £1,000 for being late to the gym and taking or making a phone call during a team meal.

One that catches the eye is £500 for every minute that a Chelsea player is late to a team meeting.

The most expensive fine on the list is a whopping £20,000 fine for players who are late for training.

Image: PA
Image: PA

Other notable entries on the list included failing to turn up to community events as well as not travelling back on the team bus, which both cost £5000 respectively.

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The fines needed to be paid within 14 days but in the event they weren't, Chelsea's players were forced to pay double the initial fee.

The funds raised went towards team activities and charitable bodies.

Frank Lampard Breaks His Silence After Being Sacked By Chelsea

Frank Lampard Breaks His Silence After Being Sacked By Chelsea

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Here is the list in full:

1. Late for matchday/first-team departure - £2,500

2. Late for report time for training - £2,500 (plus £2,500 for every 15 minutes thereafter)

3. Late in gym for pre-activation - £1,000

4. Late for treatment - £2,500

5. Late for team meetings - £500-per-minute

6. Late for start of training - £20,000

7. Phone ringing during ream meal or meeting - £1000

8. Reporting in the wrong attire/kit for Team Travel and Match days - £1000

9. Not travelling back on Team coach post-match, without giving 48 hours notice to the Manager or an Assistant manager - £5000

10. Refusal or not turning up for corporate/community duties - £5,000

11. Not reporting illness or injury before day off or 1 hour 30 minutes before training - £10,000

12. Late for medical appointments - £2,500

At the bottom of the document, we also see a host of internal rules that players needed to follow.


Body composition targets not being met resulted in fines, while player agents and representatives were not permitted access to the club's Cobham training ground unless Lampard gave his approval.

There was also information in regards to breakfast being served and guidance on players travelling abroad on their days off.

Despite the discipline instilled and guiding Chelsea into fourth place last season, Lampard was relieved of his duties on Monday following a poor run of results.

Lampard wasn't even allowed to say his goodbyes in person but issued a statement on his sacking last night, expressing his disappointment "not to have had the time this season to take the club forward and bring it to the next level."

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