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Everton Fan's Mum Slams Cristiano Ronaldo's Apology After Phone Incident, Reacts To Man United Star's Offer

Everton Fan's Mum Slams Cristiano Ronaldo's Apology After Phone Incident, Reacts To Man United Star's Offer

Cristiano Ronaldo's apology has not gone down well with the fan's mother.

Nasir Jabbar

Nasir Jabbar

Cristiano Ronaldo's apology to the young Everton fan has been slammed by the mother of the supporter, saying the social media post 'angered' her even more.

Ronaldo issued an apology on Instagram after he was involved in an incident following Manchester United's crushing 1-0 defeat to Everton on Saturday.

The result at Goodison Park frustrated the 37-year-old who dropped a fan's phone out of his hand after the final whistle as he made his way down to the dressing room.

Image: PA
Image: PA

Speaking after the exchange with the young fan, the Man United star apologised for his outburst and invited him to watch a game at Old Trafford.

"It's never easy to deal with emotions in difficult moments such as the one we are facing," he wrote online. "Nevertheless, we always have to be respectful, patient and set the example for all the youngsters who love the beautiful game.

"I would like to apologize for my outburst and, if possible, I would like to invite this supporter to watch a game at Old Trafford as a sign of fair-play and sportsmanship."

However, Ronaldo's apology has NOT gone down well with the fan's mother.

Sarah Kelly, mother of 14-year-old Jake, blasted the superstar forward's apology and claimed her son has no interest in seeing him ever again.

She told Telegraph Sport: "The apology or lack of apology was what angered me even more.

"I thought, 'How rude - you are telling everybody you have apologised and you haven't'. OK, you have put it out to social media but... you should be apologising to my son.

"He [Ronaldo] had several hours to ponder on it. He should have found out our contact details... been private, said he had spoken to us and released something. I would have been happy with that.

"There were loads of other people waving their phones around. Jacob was in a world of his own. As he come off, he was, 'Mum, Ronaldo's hurt, I'm videoing'. I was, 'OK'.

"I didn't think anything of it. He wasn't even looking at Ronaldo. He was looking at what he'd done to his leg and didn't realise the situation until the phone was on the floor. You can the shock on Jacob's face.

"He looks at me like, 'Oh my god - that just happened'.

"That was the reaction. It is pretty forceful. He knew children were there. He was shaking their hands before the match - on the way back it was a completely different story because they had lost. Well, that's the game isn't it? You can't win everything.

"If someone did that to you in the street, they would be arrested and questioned. He's a father himself and I'm sure if he was a normal person, who took his son to a game on a Saturday afternoon and that happened, he would be quite upset and shocked as well."

On whether Jacob would accept Ronaldo's offer, Sarah added: "I did ask him: 'Would you like to go? Ronaldo said we could go to United'. He said, 'No, mum, I would never want to see him again'.

"That's upsetting because Ronaldo was one of the reasons he wanted to go to the United game."

Featured Image Credit: via Twitter/Instagram

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