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Cesc Fabregas Snaps At Paris Saint-Germain Fans Who Booed Lionel Messi, Tells Them To 'Be Grateful'

Cesc Fabregas Snaps At Paris Saint-Germain Fans Who Booed Lionel Messi, Tells Them To 'Be Grateful'

Cesc Fabregas was not happy with PSG fans who jeered and whistled Lionel Messi.

Josh Lawless

Josh Lawless

Cesc Fabregas has slammed Paris Saint-Germain fans for their treatment of Lionel Messi, telling the club, they have "never had a player like this in their lives".

Following the Champions League round of 16 exit at the hands of Real Madrid, who were 2-0 down in the tie before Karim Benzema did his thing, furious PSG fans took their frustrations out on the star players.

Both Messi and Neymar were jeered in the 3-0 win over Bordeaux at the Parc des Princes. There were whistles during the team announcement, as well as when the pair stood over a free-kick in the first half.

Fabregas, who played with Messi for three seasons, was booed by his own supporters during his time at Barcelona.

The Monaco midfielder fired back at PSG fans and told them they should "be grateful" Messi is wearing their colours.

Image: PA
Image: PA

"They justify that try get paid a lot, they lost against Real Madrid, that's fine, but didn't they want to win? That's what comes first," Fabregas told MARCA.

"With PSG they haven't won anything yet, for the moment, but they will surely win the league.

"You're talking about a player [Messi] who has just arrived. PSG have never had a player like this in their lives.

"It's better to be grateful, to support him and not crush him. This year or next, these guys will bring you great moments."

Having been there himself, Fabregas went on to describe the scenes as "very ugly".

"I have been whistled at the Camp Nou," he explained.

"I know what happened with PSG. The fans want to create a moment of tension with the players.

"During the match they support you, when they sing your name, perfect, but what I saw the other day, jeering when Neymar lost the ball or whistling when they touched the ball, is very ugly."

Image: PA
Image: PA

On Instagram, Atletico Madrid striker Luis Suarez aimed a dig at PSG fans for what they subjected close friends Messi and Neymar to.

He wrote: "As always #footballwithoutmemory, always with you. Love you both so much."

Meanwhile former PSG and Barcelona star Ronaldinho defended the boos, claiming "It's one of those moments when the fans were sad".

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