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Sergio Aguero’s wholesome reaction to Lionel Messi winning the Leagues Cup goes viral

Sergio Aguero’s wholesome reaction to Lionel Messi winning the Leagues Cup goes viral

Sergio Aguero had a wonderful reaction to Lionel Messi winning the Leagues Cup with Inter Miami.

A video showing Sergio Aguero reacting to his former Argentina teammate Lionel Messi has gone viral.

The compatriots played together for several years for the Argentina national team and won the Copa America together back in 2021.

Manchester City legend Aguero was forced to retire from football later that year due to health issues, just six months after joining Messi’s boyhood team Barcelona.

They never got to play together at club level and Messi now plays outside of Europe for MLS side Inter Miami.

He’s hit the ground running in the USA and recently guided David Beckham’s side to their first-ever trophy in the Leagues Cup.

Messi opened the scoring after 23 minutes but opponents Nashville equalised later in the game to send it to penalties.

The 36-year-old is used to a shootout having won the World Cup in Qatar with Argentina the same way.

He stepped up first and converted calmly with Miami going on to win the game 9-10 on penalties.

A video reposted on social media by a fan showed Messi’s former teammate Aguero reacting to the victory.

He celebrated when the final penalty was saved, showing the wholesome friendship that the pair have.

Other fans loved the passion with one saying: “Friendship goals. Love seeing legends support each other.”

Another responded: “Aguero has always been a real one.”

Messi’s contract in America runs until 2025 and is already having a massive impact on the popularity of the sport in a country that will host the World Cup in 2026.

Image: Getty
Image: Getty

It’s fitting that the Argentine chose to play for Inter Miami, owned by Beckham - whose move to MLS back in 2007 was pivotal for the sport's growth in the country.

Messi has now won 44 major honours in his glittering career. Nex up for he and Inter is a US Open Cup semi-final against FC Cincinnati on Thursday.

Featured Image Credit: Sergio Aguero & Getty

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