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Mind-blowing video of Lionel Messi's legendary movement goes viral, it's something else

Mind-blowing video of Lionel Messi's legendary movement goes viral, it's something else

The movement for Lionel Messi's goal in the Leagues Cup final makes for incredible viewing.

An incredible video of Lionel Messi's movement for his stunning goal for Inter Miami against Nashville has gone viral.

Messi scored his 10th goal for Inter Miami in their Leagues Cup final victory over Nashville last weekend.

He helped his new side win their first-ever trophy since being formed in 2020.

It's the latest goal for the seven-time Ballon d'Or winner in an Inter Miami shirt, with a clip of his strike highlighting his sensational movement.

A fan inside the Geodis Park captured the moments leading up to the 36-year-old's goal and it makes for beautiful viewing.

The footage shows Messi hardly breaking a sweat, walking around the pitch and watching the play unfold.

At one point, he even stands still as he scans the pitch looking for an opening.

Messi can be seen looking disinterested for a solid 60 seconds before bursting into life.

After a period of time, from the right wing, he makes a darting run and holds his hand up, pleading for the ball.

He eventually receives the ball and produces a moment of magic. He skips past a defender before curling the ball into the back of the net, completing a mind-blowing sequence.

Messi's legendary movement is nothing new. He's been doing it his whole career. Former Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand summed up the superstar forward's movement, calling him an 'alien' in glowing praise.

"He produced a couple of moments where you just go 'woah'," said Ferdinand.

"He wasn’t even at his best today but the best three or four dribbles in the game were by Messi and the best three or four passes in the game were by Messi and he was the best player in the pitch."

He added: "He’s an alien, he’s different, there is no-one like him.

"When you watch him live you spend time watching him closely and he looks so disinterested sometimes and then bang, he lights the game up."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@mrfurchi

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