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Michael Owen's Daughter Brutally Slams 'Nasty' Trolls Who Accuse Her Of 'Living Off Daddy's Money' After Bikini Business Launch

Michael Owen's Daughter Brutally Slams 'Nasty' Trolls Who Accuse Her Of 'Living Off Daddy's Money' After Bikini Business Launch

Gemma Owen says that she received "some money for my birthday" and it was the budget for her business, which "quickly ran out."

Michael Owen’s daughter has dropped a scathing attack on “nasty” trolls who have accused her of “living off daddy’s money” after she launched her bikini business.

Gemma Owen, who is a successful dressage champion for Team GB, has ventured out into a new business and dropped her OG Beachwear collection last week.

The 18-year-old has insisted that her work in the business world doesn’t mean that she has had access to an “open wallet” from her father.

However, Gemma revealed that she has been subjected to “negative comments and nasty messages,” with accusations that Owen is bankrolling her business.

“I get negative comments and nasty messages a lot,” she told The Daily Mail.

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“In my dressage, if I’m doing well, I get comments like ‘you’re only doing well because daddy bought you an expensive horse’ and then with me trying to set up my own business I get ‘you’re using daddy’s money.’

“It’s constant but I want to make it clear to people that with the business side of things it hasn’t been an open wallet.

“I got given some money for my birthday and that was my budget. I quickly ran out of that and there are so many more things that I want to do with the brand but I am going to have to wait now until the money comes back in.

“I am extremely lucky but I would say my dad has actually been… not tight, but he’s been quite tough. He said this is your budget and I’m not funding this.”

Gemma Owen/Instagram

Gemma took to Instagram at the end of February to reveal her OG Beachwear, which she called a “dream of mine.”

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She wrote to her 24.6k followers: “My new brand OG Beachwear is officially live! People that know me will know that this has been a dream of mine for a long time and [it] feels amazing to have it finally up and running!”

Owen, 42, showed his unwavering support for his daughter on his own social media page by revealing how “proud” he was at seeing Gemma start up her business.

“Pretty damn proud of my daughter launching her new OG Beachwear brand,” the Liverpool hero wrote.

Gemma, who admitted she has never modelled before launching her bikini business, posed in her collection’s ‘Champagne Paris’ swimsuit.

Owen’s daughter is the eldest of his four children from his relationship with his childhood sweetheart and wife, Louise.

Featured Image Credit: Michael Owen's Instagram/OG Beachwear

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