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Rio Ferdinand reveals he was left ‘embarrassed’ by ‘unheard of’ Old Trafford gesture

Rio Ferdinand reveals he was left ‘embarrassed’ by ‘unheard of’ Old Trafford gesture

Rio Ferdinand enjoyed a stellar career at Manchester United

Manchester United legend Rio Ferdinand has recalled the occasion when he was left embarrassed during a defeat at Old Trafford.

During what was a stellar career with United, Ferdinand made over 300 appearances for the club.

In 12 years, Ferdinand got his hands on multiple Premier League titles and also the Champions League.

The former centre-back will forever be remembered as one of England’s finest defenders.

Speaking to BT Sport, Ferdinand recently recalled United's famous 4-3 win over Real Madrid in 2003 at Old Trafford, in which Ronaldo Nazario scored a hattrick.

As Ronaldo was brought off, the Old Trafford crowd gave him a standing ovation, which left Ferdinand embarrassed.

He said: “A pleasure to be on the same pitch as the great man. But he’s getting a standing ovation, look.

“The opposing striker is getting a standing ovation at our own ground. Unheard of. Nah, I was embarrassed, man. I was so embarrassed.


“It’s [Ronaldo's first] not a great goal. It ain’t. I don’t care. Zidane plays into Guti. What a run from Ronaldo. He’s running across there, he shoots an angle, he knows he can’t get away from me there. He knows he’s got to take it early.”

Ferdinand continued: “Barthez, he can only go in the near post. I’ve got him where I want him, going away from goal. He can only go near post… Fabien? Fabien, man! (Calls to someone off-camera for comic effect.) Have you got Fabien’s number? Can we get it? We need to go back over this.

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“Let’s dissect this goal [the second]. He’s in the six-yard box. There’s no defender within touching distance. But I could have stopped it at the source. My fault, man. I take that. It was me. I take that.

“We’re dropping off [for the third]. I’ve got to get up. I’ve got to squeeze the play a bit. But… Fabien, what are you doing?!”

Although United won 4-3 on the night, they were knocked out of the Champions League after losing 3-1 in the first leg against Madrid.

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