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Fans hang picture of Man City star Jack Grealish in the Louvre

Fans hang picture of Man City star Jack Grealish in the Louvre

Jack Grealish was the star of the show as Manchester City celebrated the treble

Fans embarked on a challenge to hang a picture of Manchester City star Jack Grealish in the Louvre.

After City sealed the treble with a 1-0 win over Inter Milan in the Champions League final in Istanbul, the players enjoyed celebrating their achievements with the fans.

During the parade in Manchester, Grealish was the star of the show as he delighted fans with his antics.

After posting a picture on his social media with a captain that read: “Hang it in the Loooouvre.” Paddy Power have now posted a video of them doing just that. You can watch the footage below.

They took a screenshot of Grealish’s tweet and headed to the famous gallery in Paris.

Having been told they will not be able to hang the picture near the famous Mona Lisa painting, they decided to place Grealish’s picture in one of the cubicles inside the male toilet.

After the final whistle at the Ataturk Olympic Stadium, an emotional Grealish told BT Sport: “This is just what you work your whole life for. I’m so happy, man.

“I played so dead today I was awful, I don’t care though. Honestly, to win the treble with this group of players and this staff it’s so special.

“Anyone that knows me knows how much of a family person I am and how much I love football and I don’t know, this is what I’ve worked for my whole life.”

He added: “You think back to all the people that have helped you along the way and just seeing my family in the crowd there, it just makes me emotional.”


Speaking about his manager Pep Guardiola, Grealish said: “He’s just a genius isn’t he.

“I just said to him there ‘I just want to thank you, you’ve made this happen for me, you put so much faith in me buying me for a lot of money’”

Grealish is now with England as Gareth Southgate’s men prepare for two Euro qualifying matches against Malta on Friday night and North Macedonia on Monday night.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@paddypower

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