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"Club sources..." - Report outlines Liverpool's plans for the new European Super League

"Club sources..." - Report outlines Liverpool's plans for the new European Super League

Liverpool’s plans regarding a relaunched ESL have been revealed.

Liverpool’s plans regarding a relaunched European Super League have been revealed, according to a fresh report.

The European Super League backers (ESL) want to launch a new version of the project, this time in the form of a multi-division competition made up of 60 to 80 teams.

The proposal claims there would be no permanent members, while each club would play a minimum of 14 games per season.

The announcement was made by A22, the Madrid-based sister company of the ESL, and is allegedly the result of detailed conversations with clubs around Europe on the financial problems they face.

Indeed A22 and ESL have spent months attacking the Premier League’s extraordinary wealth, and transfer market dominance.

Yet, there are no details regarding how the 60 to 80 teams that form the league would be constituted or how they would drop out of the competition to make way for new clubs.

Indeed the original ESL was lambasted for offering permanent membership to its founding members, six of which were from the Premier League: Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur.

Liverpool’s Super League stance is clear

The Liverpool ECHO have claimed Liverpool do not plan to be involved with any future ESL proposals.

In September 2021 Liverpool reaffirmed their stance on the ESL in a statement which read: "Our involvement in the proposed ESL plans has been discontinued.

"We are absolutely committed to following that through and there should be no ambiguity to suggest otherwise.

"We are acting on the best legal advice and approach to appropriately end our involvement."

The Liverpool ECHO has been told by club sources that the above statement remains the case, while the club are hoping to foster a good working relationship with its Supporters Board in future.

Indeed, in the wake of the collapsed ESL in 2021, Liverpool began a dialogue with the supporters group Spirit of Shankly and a year later, created a Supporters Board that featured several fan groups.

The Board has the power of consent over any plans to enter the club in any future competitions like a Super League.

The Supporters Board’s power was written into Liverpool’s articles of association meaning they are binding even if the club has a change of ownership.

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