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Emmanuel Petit urges Lionel Messi to 'get out' after PSG fans make their feelings known to World Cup winner

Emmanuel Petit urges Lionel Messi to 'get out' after PSG fans make their feelings known to World Cup winner

PSG fans made clear their view on the prospect of Lionel Messi leaving and Emmanuel Petit had a warning for him.

Former France international Emmanuel Petit has urged Lionel Messi to 'get out of this club' after PSG fans booed the Argentine during their recent loss to Lyon.

Messi - who has been heavily linked with a move back to Barcelona at the end of the season - is expected to turn down the offer of a new contract with the Parisian outfit.

Reports suggest that the World Cup-winning Argentine has no interest in taking a 25% pay cut in order to stay in the French capital and will instead allow his contract to run out this summer.

Fans of the Ligue 1 side haven't taken kindly to the news that Messi may leave their club and they made their frustrations known by jeering his name as the team news was read aloud prior to Sunday's match at the Parc de Princes.

However the actions of the PSG fans haven't sat well with Petit, who declared their booing to be 'an insult to football' before urging Messi to 'get out of this club'.

"When I hear that, for me, it's an insult to football," Petit said in conversation with RMC.

"I know that today there is only a pack of dogs who only think of drooling on Neymar and Messi... If i have any advice for Messi Get out of this club!

"This club is not a football club. It's a pre-retirement club, even for 20-year-old players. No player has progressed since joining PSG, is it Messi's fault? He's a maestro with a stick, it's up to him to have players around him who make the effort."

Lionel Messi is expected to leave PSG this summer.

The former Arsenal midfielder went on to slam the recruitment process of PSG, blaming the 'bogus' PSG hierarchy for failing to build a squad around the seven-time Ballon d'Or winner.

“The [Marco] Verrattis etc... who always ask for the ball at their feet and never make a call,". "[Christophe] Galtier is right when he says that it is up to others to do this supersession.

“Only Parisian supporters don't realize that you need to have a squad around Messi, something they don't have and won't have because they [the PSG hierarchy] are bogus in their recruitment.”

Messi's former Barcelona teammate Thierry Henry was also critical of the PSG fans, as he too urged Messi to return to Barcelona.

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