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Controversial linesman's career in 'jeopardy' if found guilty of elbowing Andy Robertson

Controversial linesman's career in 'jeopardy' if found guilty of elbowing Andy Robertson

A former Premier League referee has his say on the incident.

Former Premier League referee Keith Hackett says Constantine Hatzidakis' career as a linesman could be in 'jeopardy' following Liverpool vs. Arsenal.

The linesman for Sunday's Premier League game at Anfield was embroiled in controversy after he appeared to strike Andy Robertson after match referee Paul Tierney blew for half-time.

Hatzidakis clashed with the left-back, with a shocking video seeming to show him elbowing the player in the face following the first-half.

There have already been calls for him to receive an eight-game ban amid Aleksandar Mitrovic's suspension after the Fulham forward pushed a referee during his side's FA Cup tie at Manchester United.

Hackett believes Hatzidakis 'lost his composure' and claims his career could be OVER if he is found guilty of hitting the Liverpool star.

"You never what is going through the mind of match officials now," he said of the incident on BBC Radio 5 Live, which marred the match.

"The atmosphere was electric [at Anfield], there are different temperatures and thoughts within a match official, and it was such an unprecedented view.

"I was trying to find an excuse as to why he did it and I came up with was he in fear? He shouldn't be, because he's in a protected environment with plenty of security.

"But he reacted in a way that he shouldn't have reacted at the end of the day and here we are talking about a match official and not a decision, but an action by a match official - and he's clearly lost his composure."

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Hackett referenced Mitrovic, adding: "Ultimately, if he is found guilty of this, his career is in jeopardy.

"He is an employed official, so employment law cuts in, but I'm calling in saying the ban on Aleksandar Mitrovic wasn't long enough so hey, this has got to be the equivalent, if he is found guilty.

"I would like the FA to convene a meeting this week and resolve the issue by the weekend."

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