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Local football league under fire after transgender athlete injures female player

Local football league under fire after transgender athlete injures female player

The sporting body has reportedly been inundated with written complaints.

A local football league in Australia has been inundated with complaints for allowing a transgender athlete into the female competition.

Parents and players have reportedly been left fuming after the player-in-question dominated a number of games, scoring a handful of goals.

On top of that, it's alleged that the trans athlete injured an opposition player during one of the matches – sparking more outrage.

When it was announced that Football New South Wales’ League One would be allowing a transgender girl into one of the women's teams, there were initial concerns from parents, questioning the governing body's eligibility rules.

But now, according to reports, Football New South Wales has been hit with thousands of written complaints after it was revealed that one of the girls had been injured by the trans player.

Reports from both the Daily Mail and Reduxx claim a female player had to seek medical attention as a result of a challenge from the trans player – whom SPORTbible is choosing to remain anonymous.

When news of this broke, a number of people flocked to social media to have their say, with many calling out the governing body as opposed to the player herself.

Popular Facebook account 'NSW NPL Banter Page' was one of the most vocal on the matter.

One post read: "Of biological adult males and it's not just one, it is several, playing in NSW women's state league competitions, which contain teenage girls and young women.

"Shame on those clubs, who have discarded any morals they might have had, just to sign these things, so as to be able to win, where's the dignity? You put winning above respect for the competition?

"And as has been the case in the last few days, Football NSW is bunkered down in the Lair in Glenwood, hiding and refusing to answer any concerns or questions. Shameful."

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Kirralie Smith of Binary Australia insisted she had reached out to the governing body on a number of occasions to question their lenient eligibility policies – but to no avail.

"Football NSW has failed to answer the simple questions, 'What is a woman?' and 'Why have a woman's division if men can play in it?'" Smith said.

"They have failed in safeguarding fairness and safety for girls and women."

Smith also claimed that her supporters sent thousands of emails to Football New South Wales, and 'no one has had any reasonable response despite all of the emails, warnings of injuries and how unfair it is'.

After receiving backlash, Football New South Wales has responded with a method which could perhaps anger fed-up parents and players even more.

As it stands, Football New South Wales will 'allow all players to participate in the competition which best represents their gender identity'.

But instead of reassessing their regulations around inclusivity and trans eligibility, the organisation says it will offer 'training to better understand 'lived experiences' of transgender people.

"The aim of this training will be to provide the Australian Football community with a greater understanding of the lived experience of LGBTQI+ communities and their participation in sport," a statement read.

Football Australia's press release also stated that they hope to make football 'the most multicultural, diverse, and inclusive sport in Australia'.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Football NSW/Twitter

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