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Laura Woods hilariously shoots down fan who invites her round whilst 'Mrs is at work'

Laura Woods hilariously shoots down fan who invites her round whilst 'Mrs is at work'

The ITV and talkSPORT presenter must have to deal with a ridiculous amount of fans on social media, and deals with them brilliantly.

Laura Woods has once again brilliantly dealt with a fan, after he took his shot by saying his wife is usually at work during the day.

There's fewer more popular presenters in sport than Woods, whether it's working on talkSPORT, ITV, DAZN or Amazon Prime, she pops up pretty much everywhere.

On a regular basis she has to deal with idiots, that's what being the main presenter on talkSPORT will do to you I suppose, and she deals with them all brilliantly.

The Arsenal fan recently put down fellow Gooner Piers Morgan, when the Cristiano Ronaldo fan boy was once again seeing how much of the Al Nassr player's boot he could wrap his tongue around.

But it's often dealing with people on social media where the 35-year-old thrives, putting the trolls and those 'attempting' to flirt with her in their place.

On Tuesday, she innocently asked her followers for some advice, posting, "Hi. Where are the best beaches in Britain? Like very quiet, hidden gem type ones x."

Whilst most people were happy to help her out and actually answer the question properly, one follower decided that it was the opportune moment to take his shot.

"Got a kids sand pit in my back garden?? Does this count?? Mrs is at work most days," he responded.

But Woods flipped the line on its head, replying, "That’s what she says…" utter perfection!

Woods' Twitter conversation. Image: Twitter
Woods' Twitter conversation. Image: Twitter

It's not even the first time this week that we've enjoyed some of Woods' brilliant work, after she already bodied a Tottenham Hotspur fan, following the north London derby.

Arsenal's win over Manchester United was a huge moment in their challenge for a first Premier League title since the 2003/04 'Invincible' season.

Eddie Nketiah's late winner was celebrated by all their fans, including Woods, of course, who took to social media to share her jubilation.

A Spurs fan said they were looking forward to the 'inevitable' collapse of their north London rivals and she hit back rightly sniping, "We could have the biggest fall from grace in history, but you’ll still be Spurs."

She's not completely perfect herself though, Woods revealed recently that she got suspended whilst at school, for sneaking out of a window in the middle of class without the teacher seeing.

Actually, that sounds like a great laugh, maybe she is perfect...

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