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Jamie Redknapp destroyed Man United star, fans are calling it the 'biggest pundit violation of a player ever'

Jamie Redknapp destroyed Man United star, fans are calling it the 'biggest pundit violation of a player ever'

Jamie Redknapp delivered a savage put-down to one Man United star in Sky Sports' coverage of Arsenal's 3-2 win.

Jamie Redknapp absolutely savaged Manchester United defender Aaron Wan-Bissaka, with fans calling it the `'biggest pundit violation of a player ever".

Wan-Bissaka played the full 90 minutes as United were beaten 3-2 by Premier League leaders Arsenal in a thrilling contest at the Emirates Stadium.

The right-back was caught sleeping at the far post for Arsenal's equaliser, allowing Eddie Nketiah to head home past David de Gea.

But it was earlier in the phase of play where former Liverpool and Spurs midfielder laid into Wan Bissaka.

United tried to build out from the back in line with Erik ten Hag's philosophy, but they were pressed well by Arsenal's attackers, who forced a corner which they would eventually score from thanks to a slick passage.

Oleksandr Zinchenko was involved in the build-up, with Granit Xhaka supplying the cross from Nketiah.

But when De Gea played the ball out to Wan-Bissaka, he looked extremely uncomfortable and that led to Redknapp quipping, "the ball's not his friend".

Image: Alamy
Image: Alamy

"I struggle with this one, where you’ve got an outfield player giving it back to the goalkeeper," he said on Sky Sports.

"He passes it out to the right back, Wan-Bissaka - the ball’s not his friend anyway, he doesn’t want it in that situation.

"They press him really well, Arsenal, they get the ball back and that’s where they get that little bit of success.

"It’s self-inflicted, they win the corner and then obviously they get the goal from that, but it was good pressure and a lovely piece of play from Arsenal after that."

Wan-Bissaka has forced his way back into the United side and shown improvements of late, but his lack of quality on the ball has regularly been pointed out.

But it coming so brutally from Redknapp shocked viewers watching on.

One fan commented: "Jamie Redknapp is RUDE. How can you say the ball isn't his friend to Wan-Bissaka, a professional footballer looool."

A second said: "That might be the biggest violation of a football player I've heard from a pundit."

Another commented: "That comment is horrible basically saying for 90+ minutes avoid the ball… come alive when we have to defend."

A fourth wrote: "Jamie Redknapp just said 'the ball's not his friend' about Wan-Bissaka. Nuahhhhh that’s killed me, rude!"

Image: Alamy
Image: Alamy

Former United skipper Roy Keane was also in the studio and came down hard on the former Crystal Palace defender for his "lack of football intelligence.

He said: "It’s as if he can’t believe that someone’s coming in the back of him but he can see him! He just dozes off. It’s a lack of football intelligence, a lack of concentration.

"Considering we praise him for saying he’s a ‘good defender’. When I hear people say ‘I wasn’t aware of someone around me’, you have to be aware!

That’s your job! This is big boys stuff. Do your job, go and attack the ball."

Featured Image Credit: Alamy

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