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Jack Grealish gives refreshingly honest insight into his lifestyle choices compared to Erling Haaland

Jack Grealish gives refreshingly honest insight into his lifestyle choices compared to Erling Haaland

Manchester City forward Jack Grealish has opened up on his friendship with Erling Haaland and how they differ.

Jack Grealish has compared his 'different' lifestyle choices to Manchester City teammate Erling Haaland, and it's great to hear a professional footballer be so open and honest about the matter.

The 27-year-old winger, who has been one of City's standout performers this season, opened up about a number of subjects during a lengthy interview with the Daily Mail, including his friendship with soon-to-be Golden Boot winner Haaland.

In the past, Grealish has called the Norwegian forward one of his closest friends. "I get on really well with him," the 27-year-old told BT Sport in March. "We have the same type of banter. We get on so well off the pitch."

That blossoming relationship off the pitch has certainly sparked an impressive partnership on it, with the pair regularly linking up to help City's chances in the title race.

But as Grealish points out in his recent interview, the pair have contrasting lifestyle choices.

"Everyone is different aren't they? Look at Erling. He is the best professional I have ever seen," he says.

"His mindset is something you won't see again. He does everything. Recovers. In the gym. Ten hours of treatment a day. Ice baths. Diet. That's why he is what he is. But I swear I couldn't be like that.

"We have a great friendship but he will point at me after a game and say: 'Hey. Don't you go out tonight partying'. I just tell him to shut up and go and sit in his ice bath. But that's us. Two different people doing well in our own way.

"I am not as successful as him. He has scored more goals this season than I have in my whole career. But if he did what I occasionally did he would be like: 'F****** hell I feel terrible today'.

"I have a release that's different to this. He is going home and sitting with his family and having a take away. Sometimes that is my choice too. I love doing that. But sometimes I like to go out and let my hair down.

"I am not gonna sit here and lie and say I don't go out. What's the point? It's also pointless telling you I am here at 8am going in the gym and that's the reason I am playing well. It's not.

"The reason I am playing well is because I feel fit, confident, good in myself and like I am at home here. But I still love an occasional drink and going out with my friends. That's just normal."

Many have commented on Haaland's work ethic in recent weeks, including City defender Nathan Ake.

“He is so professional," Ake told SPORTbible. "Before I met him, I never thought that. But when you meet him, you see the things he does off the pitch, like the food he eats. It’s all of the little things.

"He's always early. He's always working and making sure that his body is in the right way to perform. And at his age, I think that's great.

“Also, all of the applause and stuff he's getting; you might think, 'Okay, maybe he's gonna think I've done it and it’s all good.’ But he has this mindset where he just wants to keep going and going and going."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram - jackgrealish/erling.haaland

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