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Insane Video Shows 'There's No Stats To Measure Lionel Messi's Ability'

Insane Video Shows 'There's No Stats To Measure Lionel Messi's Ability'

Lionel Messi has broke record after record but often his brilliance cannot be measured.

A video showing that Lionel Messi cannot simply be quantified by statistics has gone viral.

The seven-time Ballon d'Or winner has broken countless amount of records, boasting an insane 769 goals and 331 assists in 974 appearances.

There are so many statistics you can use to justify an opinion that Messi is the best to ever do it.

And yet the best way to understand the 35-year-old is a different breed entirely is by watching him strut his stuff.

A new compilation using caption, "There's no stat to measure Messi's ability", has garnered over 117,000 views and has had fans purring over the Argentine genius.

It's 1 minute 16 seconds of Messi producing magic with so much ease and doing things that no other footballer can.

The very first clip is a prime example of Messi's innate talents. Most would have shot first time but he maintained a serious level of composure to make the goalkeeper and defender looked daft instead.

Then there's the all so casual nutmegs which just come easy to Messi, as well as the nonchalant left-footed strikes into the back of the net.

To fully appreciate what a one of a kind player Messi really is, you have to pay attention with your eyes.

Messi manages to be the best goalscorer, playmaker and dribbler at the same time, with his footballing IQ at a completely different level.

A video doing the rounds recently said he should be studied in school because of how gifted a player he is.

It's almost like he's got eyes on the back of his head, such is his special football intelligence.

Image: PA
Image: PA

For instance, look at his decision to completely kill Estonia's press with a cross-field switch of play in a 5-0 thrashing for Argentina where he scored every goal.

The passage of play was perfectly executed and separated Messi from all other players.

Granted Messi did look a little more less superhuman for Paris Saint-Germain, who he joined on a free after leaving Barcelona.

He scored six and assisted 15 on the way to winning Ligue One, which wasn't quite up to his usual standards.

Image: PA
Image: PA

But president Nasser Al-Khelaifi believes Messi will be back to his very best next term at the Parc des Princes.

"There is no doubt that Lionel Messi has won the Ballon d’Or a record seven times, and it was not his best season," Al-Khelaifi told Le Parisien.

"It was not easy for Messi last season, but next season we will see the best version of Messi ever."

Featured Image Credit: Image: Twitter

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