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Philippe Coutinho Scores Stunning Long Range Goal To Put Brazil Ahead

Philippe Coutinho Scores Stunning Long Range Goal To Put Brazil Ahead

The Barcelona midfielder scored a first half goal for the World Cup favourites in absolutely brilliant fashion.

Ryan Sidle

Ryan Sidle

There are certain trademark things that certain footballers do that you just know they're going to do but somehow when they pull them off it doesn't blow you mind any less. Philippe Coutinho just pulled of his best trick at the World Cup.

Arjen Robben is the best example of a footballer doing the same thing over and over again to the point that you know he'll do it, you just have no sodding idea how the hell to stop him.

The legendary Netherlands and Bayern Munich forward will always cut in from the right wing and score with his left foot, you know he's going to do it but trying to stop him is another matter.

Another Dutchman, Nigel de Jong, was always going to scathe you down where you stood but try as you might the former Manchester City midfielder would always get you.

For Philippe Coutinho curling the ball from outside the area into the top corner is as frequent as me writing an article that is barely readable or interesting and even during the World Cup we're both pulling off our usual tricks.

Just 20 minutes into his World Cup the Barcelona midfielder curled the ball into the top corner of the Switzerland goal in sexual fashion:

Brazil are hoping to bury the demons of four years ago when they were ripped apart by Germany in their infamous semi-final on home soil, and then lost to Netherlands in the 3rd place play-off match.

Having seen Germany lose to Mexico in the day's earlier game Tite would have wanted to make sure his side didn't suffer the same fate.

They started the game extremely brightly, especially through Neymar, but it was Coutinho who opened the scoring in absolutely wonderful and very typical fashion.

Now we just have to hope England don't keep to type in the tournament...

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