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19 Years Ago Today Dennis Bergkamp Scored One Of The Premier League's Most Magnificent Goals

19 Years Ago Today Dennis Bergkamp Scored One Of The Premier League's Most Magnificent Goals

Some people still refuse to believe that the Arsenal forward's first touch was on purpose, that's how mind boggling it was.

Ryan Sidle

Ryan Sidle

It's 19 years ago today that Dennis Bergkamp scored a goal so good that some people still can't believe he did it on purpose!

At St. James' Park in March 2002, the Dutchman decided it'd be a laugh to absolutely torment Magpies defender Nikos Dabizas, with the Greek defender still running around in circles to this day.

Some, mainly Newcastle fans and Spurs supporters who steadfastly refuse to ever give an Arsenal player credit for anything, will claim that Bergkamp actually miscontrolled Robert Pires' pass into feet and simply lucked out on judging the bounce of the ball before slotting it calmly underneath Shay Given.

Look at Dabizas there, having thoughts genuinely cross his mind that Bergkamp might have teleported into the space behind him, his face giving off a look of a lad who's just been presented with a page of algebra to figure out after 10 pints.

Bergkamp's goal would inspire the Gunners to a 2-0 victory in the North East that day, en route to the club completing their second domestic double in five seasons.

The Dutchman producing moments of brilliance had become the norm at this point in his career but even his biggest fans couldn't believe this goal.

The problem for those who doubt that the former Ajax forward meant the touch to embarrass the Newcastle defence all those years ago is that his first touch is legendary.

For two other incredible goals, against Leicester City for the Gunners and against Argentina for Netherlands, at the World Cup, the 51-year-old brought long balls down with the perfect cushioned touch.

On those occasions there is literally no doubt that he meant what he did so why doubt that the evening in 2002 in the north east was any different? This was a man with a first touch gifted from god!

Writing in his book, the former Inter player explained the reaction he got from the crowd when he scored his first goal for Arsenal, "The way the crowd reacted was more than I could have imagined. I wouldn't say it was typically English but the way they celebrated, all jumping up and hands in the air together... it's not explosive like that anywhere else.

"That moment was the start of the relationship with the Arsenal crowd. They'd been patient with me, and I don't know why because they didn't know me... They didn't know my character and now they were giving this!

"The warmth was incredible. I'd only been here for one-and-a-half months. After that goal we never lost that relationship."

His love Gunners fans for him remains unquestioned and yet his goal against Newcastle always will be, but not by anyone in the Emirates!

By Ryan Sidle and Joe Baiamonte.

Featured Image Credit: Arsenal

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