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Mindblowing Ring-A-Ring A Roses' Free-Kick Routine Goes Viral

Mindblowing Ring-A-Ring A Roses' Free-Kick Routine Goes Viral

Takagawa Gakuen's free-kick routine is like nothing you've ever seen before and it worked a treat.

A Japanese high school football team have gone viral after coming up with a genius 'ring-a-ring a roses free-kick routine - and scoring a goal in the process.

Takagawa Gakuen High School faced Seiryo High School in the All Japan High School tournament and claimed a 4-2 win.

One of their goals was a header from a set-piece from the right flank. It sounds pretty simple stuff but it was in fact an utterly incredible routine that paid dividends.

While two players stand over the ball, the rest of the attackers skip in a circle while holding hands for a few seconds.

Then, in a instance they all rush forward and take up different positions.

The Seiryo defenders were massively confused and got undone at the far post as a Takagawa play rose highest to head home.

A video of the set-play has garnered 1.3 million views and received a whole lot of love on social media.

Japanese high school football seems to be the place to be for unorthodox free-kick goodness.

East Fukuoka became the talk of the town a few years back after introducing the 'Dancing Wall'.

To counter the opposition's wall, they set up one of their own right in front of them, with three players linking arms and pacing away from the ball.

After taking three steps, they all duck in sync when the free-kick taker strikes the ball and watched as he curled one into the far bottom corner.

France women used the ring-a-ring roses trick to score twice from corners in 2017, while VFL Bochum y 'queued up' behind one another in the box and split - leading to a free man finding the net at the back post.

Featured Image Credit: Image: Twitter

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