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The Best English Player On FIFA Through The Years

The Best English Player On FIFA Through The Years

English players have seemingly always been near the top of the chain when it comes to the FIFA franchise.

The likes of of Wayne Rooney, Jack Wilshere, Theo Walcott, Joe Hart, Frank Lampard, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Jordan Henderson have all had the honour of being on the cover of the game - with the latter receiving the privilege as part of a public vote that EA Sports put out before FIFA 16 was released.

And though the national team collectively have struggled for a while now, several England players have still been among the best rated players in the game.

Drawing inspiration from a piece Dream Team did on the best Brazilian player on the game over the years and using data from FIFA Index, we take a look at the best rated English player on every game from FIFA 05 onwards.


FIFA 05:

England had a pretty stacked squad back in the day and their rating on the whole was very high - with several players rated at the top of end 80.

As for the best rated, it's a tie between Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard and Sol Campbell, who was in the best years of his career at the time.


Both men were rated 93, one mark better than both Manchester United duo Rio Ferdinand and Paul Scholes, two better than 91 rated Michael Owen and three better than captain David Beckham and Frank Lampard.

Midfielder Kieron Dyer was rated 88 on this particular game, while England No.1 David James having a rating of 88 and incredible potential rating of 97.

FIFA 06:


A year later, Gerrard and Campbell saw a slight decline in the ratings as they went down to 91 and 90 respectively.

A 19-year old Wayne Rooney was on fire for Manchester United and he was given a rating of 93 on the game, which was the best of any English player on FIFA 06.

Rio Ferdinand, Steven Gerrard, John Terry and Sol Campbell were the other four England players rated 90 or above.


FIFA 07:

Rooney was again the top man on FIFA 07, this time having a rating of 92 - meaning he was not only the best England player on the game but he was also joint with Juventus and Italy goalkeeper as the best player on the whole of the game.


FIFA 08:

On the front cover of the game for the third year running, Rooney and John Terry shared the spoils when it came to being the best English player on the game. The two were both 90 rated.

FIFA 09:

Rooney was displaced when FIFA 09 was released, with Terry and Steven Gerrard the top two on the game thanks to their ratings of 88. Rooney saw his rating drop to 87, the same mark given to his United and England colleague Rio Ferdinand.

FIFA 10:

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Gerrard was on top as a lone wolf the following year, with a rating of 88. Rooney, Terry and Lampard were all close behind on 87.

FIFA 11:

Rooney and Gerrard continued to trade places and this time it was the Manchester United man, now 24, who was the top dog as far as English players were concerned. He was 88 rated, two ratings better than his fellow scouser.

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FIFA 12:

The pair continued their dominance, with Rooney retaining his place as the best English player on the game for another year. His rating went up by two to give him an overall mark of 90.

FIFA 13:

In FIFA 13, Rooney again remained on top of the pile, though this time he had gone back down 87.

Joe Hart had been in fine form for Manchester City and became one of the top keepers on the game. He was the closest to Rooney's crown, having been awarded an 84 rating on this edition of the game.

FIFA 14:

Who was the best English player on FIFA 14? You guessed it, Wayne Rooney yet again. He kept his 87 rating on the game, with Daniel Sturridge, Ashley Cole, Steven Gerrard and John Terry all joint second on 84.

FIFA 15:

A 29-year old Rooney was still doing the business and he was again at the cream of the crop on FIFA 15. He was rated 86 on this occasion.

FIFA 16:

FIFA 16 saw the same result for the best English player as the England captain came on top, though EA gave him his lowest ever rating of 85.

FIFA 17:

Fast forward to the current edition of the game and there's been a change of the guard. Rooney's struggles in recent times has culminated in his FIFA 17 rating dropping to 83.

At present, Harry Kane is the highest-rated English on the game, boasting an overall mark of 85. Rooney and Kane were both level on 84 when the game was released in September but as the season has gone on and the two have endured very different campaigns, Kane has gone up another rating while Rooney has dropped to 83.

Number of times to have been the best English player on FIFA:

Wayne Rooney - 9

Steven Gerrard - 3

John Terry - 2

Sol Campbell - 1

Harry Kane - 1

Who will be the best English player on FIFA 18? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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