Man Offered Job At Serbian Club After Sending Them His Football Manager Achievements

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A diehard Football Manager fan is living a lifelong dream after he decided to send Serbian side FK Bežanija a list of his virtual achievements.

Andrej Pavlović, a 22-year-old from Belgrade, Serbia, took the second division side to a Champions League semi-final in the space of 16 years, beating the likes of Manchester City, Tottenham and Bayern Munich along the way.

He also lifted an unprecedented 10 consecutive league titles and six Serbian cups with Bežanija, who are based in Novi Beograd.

"I'm not going to brag but I am somewhat of a legend in my Football Manager universe," Pavlović told SPORTbible in an exclusive interview.

"I brought through so many good players down the years. This is my biggest achievement."

Andrej's journey in the Champions League with FK Bezanija

Despite his remarkable achievements in game, the club, who are managed by Goran Dragoljić, are struggling in real life after being relegated because of financial issues.

Pavlović therefore decided to offer his services last week and to his surprise, the club handed him a role as a Data Analyst.

"I reached out to them with my achievements on FM and suggested I could help them. I didn't expect they would call me." he admitted.

"We just had a friendly chat and the club director asked me if I can could come on Saturday for the first game to see how things go. I suggested I could help them out but I didn't expect they would call me.

"I really couldn't believe it. I was shocked but when we talked they asked me if I could volunteer for them as they are in a rough spot financially."

Andrej Pavlović, a 22-year-old from Belgrade, Serbia.

The home of FK Bežanija

Andrej completed his first shift as the club's Data Analyst on Saturday afternoon, where FK Bežanija secured all three points against FK Dedinje with a 2-1 win at the Stadion Bežanije.

He compiled a detailed report on the game and shared his findings on Reddit for users to read through.

"I kept it short for the report, targeting some interesting attack/defence statistics." he said.

After reading his brief, the club were so impressed that they asked the 22-year-old to compile another report for the U21 game the following day. "The U21's team is really important for them." he says.

Here are some of the graphs he translated from the tie.

FK Bežanija's attack and defensive stats from 2-1 win against FK Dedinje.

FK Bežanija's corner stats from 2-1 win against FK Dedinje.

Pavlović has a bachelor degree in medical sciences and in reality, that is where he see's himself in a few years, but the Serbian is very much open to a career in football.

"If the chance occurs, I would love a career in football as a scout or data analyst, something that has been my dream for long time and something I do pretty well," he says.

"Currently I am not paid by FK Bežanija but i do this because I love the club and the job.

"I hope to be paid by a club in the future for doing something I love."

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