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Tajikistan's Free Kick Routine At The U-17 World Cup Is Brilliant

Tajikistan's Free Kick Routine At The U-17 World Cup Is Brilliant

We've seen some great set-piece's over the years but this one from Tajikistan's U-17 could be the best of the lot...

Daniel Marland

Daniel Marland

Tajikistan's free kick routine at the Under 17's World Cup has been catching many fan's eye and it's not hard to see why.

They busted out the unique free-kick strategy in their opening U-17's World Cup game against Cameroon in Group E on Monday night.

Three players stand around the ball and all play their part in the set-piece eventually reaching the box.

Check out the clip below.

One player steps over the ball while another rushes towards the byline.

The two remaining players then play a lovely one-two while their teammate finds himself in a fantastic crossing position.

The routine clearly caught the Cameroonian defence off guard as all seven players back are at a standstill.

Cameroon's defence couldn't believe it.
Cameroon's defence couldn't believe it.

Unfortunately for Tajikistan, there was no goal at end of the move as the attacker's header glanced just over the bar.

They at least managed to win their game 1-0.

Fans on Twitter were loving the originality of the free-kick despite the lack of finish at the end of it.

There isn't anything much better than a perfectly executed set-piece routine in football.

Watching something pulled off to perfection is satisfying to watch as long as it's not against your own team.

However, some of these can go wrong.

One of the most infamous instances involved Robert Pires and Thierry Henry's penalty fiasco for Arsenal against Manchester City.


The French duo attempted a penalty technique which would have seen Pires tapping it to Henry who finishes past the keeper.

However, it didn't pan out that way and the pair made a mess of it which allowed City to get the ball clear.

The young Tajikistan players can take pride in successfully pulling off that set-piece routine considering how poorly some of the game's finest have messed them up in the past.

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