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UEFA issue punishment to England's Group C opponents Denmark ahead of final round of fixtures

UEFA issue punishment to England's Group C opponents Denmark ahead of final round of fixtures

UEFA have taken action against England's group stage opponents

UEFA have taken action against Denmark following their 1-1 draw against England at Euro 2024.

Harry Kane had put England in front at the Frankfurt Arena after 18 minutes but the Danes hit back with a fantastic strike from Morten Hjulmand.

The result leaves the Three Lions top of Group C, two points clear of both Denmark and Serbia, heading into their final group game against Slovenia on Tuesday.

After the game, UEFA have been forced to take action and have issued a punishment to the Danish FA.

That is because Denmark fans displayed a banner that displayed the words ‘F*** UEFA” for a reason that is currently not known.

UEFA have issued a fine of 10,000 euros for the illegal banner.

Director of the Danish FA, Erik Brogger Rasmussen, urged supporters to refrain from displaying any more offensive banners during the tournament and claimed he will pass on the fine bill to the fans in question when they are identified.

He said: “We will pay the fine but the most important thing for us is that we identify those who brought the banner in - and then we will pass the bill on to them.

“We hope that those who think of taking a banner with that sort of language on it into a match will think twice when they have to pay for it."

UEFA have deemed the banner 'illegal' (Getty)
UEFA have deemed the banner 'illegal' (Getty)

There have been a number of disciplinary issues both on and off the field during the tournament thus far.

Albania defender Mirlind Daku was given a two-match ban meaning he will miss their final group game at a minimum for inciting supporters after he picked up a megaphone at the end of their 2-2 draw with Croatia.

He encouraged Albanian supporters to chant nationalist songs that denigrated Serbia.

As a result, the Serbian FA threatened to quit the tournament entirely if UEFA did not take action.

Daku was hit with four different charges - breaking the general principles of conduct, violating basic rules of decent conduct, using a sporting event for non-sporting reasons and bringing the game into disrepute.

He later apologised for his actions.

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