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How Tottenham Hotspur would have finished last season without Harry Kane's goals

How Tottenham Hotspur would have finished last season without Harry Kane's goals

Spurs have a lot to thank Kane for and it doesn't make for good reading if he ends up moving to Bayern Munich.

Tottenham Hotspur would have been in a lot of trouble without Harry Kane's goals last season, and it shows how much of a worry losing him to Bayern Munich would be.

There was a common lie told last season, that Kane was having a great season but no one had noticed because of just how good Erling Haaland was.

The first part is obviously true but the statement was made so many times that you had to acknowledge that everyone had noticed how well Kane was playing.

Certainly Bayern Munich and PSG were taking note because the two European superpowers are both attempting to sign the England captain.

With just one season left on his contract there's one of three scenarios that Daniel Levy is going to have to accept when it comes to the club's all time top scorer.

Either he gets sold this summer with the north London club able to at least partially dictate where he heads, Kane stays and they manage to get him to sign a new deal or he stays for a year and any of Spurs' Premier League rivals nab him for free.

That last one is obviously the worst of the lot in theory but losing him this summer would also have a huge impact on their upcoming campaign.

According to one fan's research, the team would have only just avoided relegation last season in a world where they didn't have his goals.

Of course with these hypothetical situations it's obvious that if Kane didn't exist then his goals wouldn't all disappear and someone else would have played in his place.

However it's very unlikely that anyone else in the squad would have got close to his tally of goals, especially in such important situations.

The striker's goals alone were worth 24 of their points which works out as 40% of the 60 points they earned in total throughout the 10 months.

The Spurs fan also did a comparison with Erling Haaland's goals at Manchester City which actually equals the same number of points Kane earned his club.

That loss of points would have left City short of the title but clearly not as much of a negative impact, with Pep Guardiola's side finishing second.

Tottenham without Kane would clearly not be very good for Ange Postecoglou, not that anyone's talking about it...

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