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Dele Alli slams Amazon's editing of Tottenham documentary after leaving out Jose Mourinho 'apology'

Dele Alli slams Amazon's editing of Tottenham documentary after leaving out Jose Mourinho 'apology'

Alli recently took part in an interview with Gary Neville.

Dele Alli has hit out at Amazon for their 'selective editing' of the 2020 Tottenham documentary, claiming footage failed to show Jose Mourinho's 'apology' for calling him lazy.

The 27-year-old has spoken out about his career struggles, battles with addiction and attending rehab in an emotional interview with Gary Neville on The Overlap.

The former Spurs midfielder even admitted that he considered retiring at the age of 24, after he lost his place in the Tottenham side.

Meanwhile, Alli also revealed the truth about his meeting with ex Tottenham boss Mourinho as seen in the All or Nothing documentary, where the Portuguese coach famously described him as 'lazy' in training, which you can watch below.

Alluding to the team meeting, Alli insisted that Mourinho had used the phrase after a recovery day - and that when the 60-year-old had watched him in training the following week he actually apologised.

"I'm glad you asked me about that [Jose Mourinho calling me lazy]," he told Neville when asked about the Mourinho saga.

"So that lazy comment people all love to bring that up, that interview obviously that was on Amazon. He called me lazy – that was the day after recovery day. A week later, he apologised to me for calling me lazy because he'd seen me actually train and play. But that wasn't in the documentary, and no one spoke up about that because it was only me and him.

"In the team meeting, he called me lazy but then one on one, I think it was on the pitch he apologised for it. And I didn't think anything of it at the time because I know myself – I'm not lazy."

Alli touched on the dangers of social media and that it often 'portrays something that isn't real', believing people have used the 'lazy' tag against him in the past.

"What you see sometimes isn't the way it really is. I think, especially now with social media and all these things, we can really portray something that isn't real. After that, I think people definitely tried to use that, for some other decisions," Alli added.

"Yeah, for sure and I think other coaches maybe, for other reasons why I weren't playing, they stuck to that – lazy one – because it was kind of an easy, easy one to use. And the problem was probably more than that, I think."

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