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Rio Ferdinand tells TNT co-star Laura Woods ‘I didn’t like you’ after she ‘asked for him to be SACKED’

Rio Ferdinand tells TNT co-star Laura Woods ‘I didn’t like you’ after she ‘asked for him to be SACKED’

The duo are the new faces of TNT Sports.

New TNT co-hosts host Laura Woods and Rio Ferdinand jokingly cleared the air when they paired up for the first time.

The duo are the new faces of of BT Sport's rebranded football coverage for the upcoming campaign and have appeared in a video for TNT's YouTube channel where they drove around the block for a catch-up.

During the clip, Ferdinand jokingly told his new colleague "I didn't like you" ahead of her move to TNT Sports, leaving her role on talkSPORT behind.

Explaining how she got the job as host of TNT Sports, Woods explained: "I worked as a runner before so I recognised the jobs people do. So then I watched yours and thought ‘you’ve got to get rid of Rio'.

"Then I heard that you’re on a really lucrative long-term contract so they couldn’t get rid of you," she joked.

Ferdinand cracked a smile before responding: "Is this a trial then? Being a driver?"

The pair continued to discuss their respective careers as Woods noted: "The weirdest thing is, I’ve never worked with you.

"I feel like I’ve worked with everyone in the world of sport, but I’ve never worked with you and now I’m crossing over."

The former Manchester United defender then revealed: "I actually didn’t like you, I’ve got to be honest.

"I get very territorial with stuff. Normally you cross paths with people but I think I’ve seen you once or twice in passing, that’s it."

Ferdinand was then asked if he had any influence in selecting who TNT Sports hire, to which he responded: "We don’t get a say, I’d love a say. I’d have picked you."

Ferdinand will continue his work as a pundit on the channel alongside Woods and an array of other presenters including Jules Breach and Lynsey Hipgrave.

TNT Sports' Premier League coverage gets underway on August 12 when Arsenal take on Nottingham Forest at the Emirates on the opening weekend.

Featured Image Credit: TNT YouTube channel

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