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11 members of Spain’s coaching team have resigned amid Luis Rubiales saga

11 members of Spain’s coaching team have resigned amid Luis Rubiales saga

Luis Rubiales has caused huge uproar after his antics during the Women's World Cup final

It has been reported that 11 members of Spain’s women’s coaching team have resigned amid the saga surrounding Luis Rubiales.

Rubiales in the centre of a football scandal after he kissed player Jenni Hermoso on the lips on the back of Spain’s 1-0 victory over England in the Women’s World Cup final.

Since then, he has faced calls to resign from his post as the president of the Spanish FA.

However, Rubiales himself declared on Friday that he will not resign over what he claimed was a 'consensual kiss'.

Now, according to Sky Sports, 11 members of the coaching team have resigned.

It has been reported that ‘the staff said they condemned the actions of Luis Rubiales at last weekend's medal ceremony.’

And they support the account of Hermoso and criticised ‘unacceptable’ statements made by Rubiales.

Furthermore, it is believed that they felt ‘Rubiales' account "does not reflect" the events which followed Spain's victory over England.’

Those who have resigned range from members of the senior team to youth coaches, but Jorge Vilda - head coach of the Spanish national women's team - remains in his position.

On Saturday afternoon, it was reported that FIFA have provisionally suspended Rubiales for 90 days.

The 46-year-old will not be able to engage in football-related activities nationally and internationally during the suspension.

It has been said that Rubiales will legally defend himself.

A statement from the Spanish FA said: “Luis Rubiales has stated that he will legally defend himself in the competent bodies, he fully trusts FIFA and reiterates that, in this way, he is given the opportunity to begin his defence so that the truth prevails.”

On the back of this saga, people have gathered outside the Spanish Football Federation HQ to voice their opinions.

Fans were seen holding up red cards whilst they chanted “Jenni, sister, here is your pack.” and “Rubiales you are offside.”

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