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Simon Jordan names the club 'with big potential' he'd look to buy if he was to ever return to football

Simon Jordan names the club 'with big potential' he'd look to buy if he was to ever return to football

Simon Jordan has spoken about a potential return to football.

Simon Jordan has revealed which club he would look to buy if he ever wanted to make a return to football ownership.

Jordan was the chairman of Premier League side Crystal Palace from 2000 to 2010 before the club went into administration in January 2010.

Nowadays, Jordan often appears on the popular radio station talkSPORT to give his views on different matters in the sporting world.

Speaking on the show on Wednesday, Jordan revealed the club that he would target if he was to make a return to football ownership.

He said: “In my book, one of the questions I'm asking myself is, if I was to buy another football club, which one would I buy?

“One of the clubs I mentioned was Sheffield Wednesday because it's got huge potential. It's a huge area, it's got huge catchment, it's got a huge support base, it's a proper football club in a proper area.”

Jordan continued: “If you wanted to build that football club and embrace the fans, you would be able to achieve it.

“If you wanted to have help with the training ground, you wouldn't be having local planning permission from the council in London saying you can't do this because someone somewhere with a telescope can't see their view.”


The 56-year-old expanded: “All I think it needs is leadership. It needs some money, of course, and some proper direction, but the fans are there.

“Look at that play-off semi-final last year, look at the 33,000 fans that they had in that return leg after getting their heads handed to them at Peterborough, and they came back and overturned it.

“Look at the size of that football club, it's always perplexed me why this football club has languished in the way it has done for 25 years.”

Sheffield Wednesday are currently in trouble in the Championship as they sit 22nd in the table.

Featured Image Credit: Getty/talkSPORT

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