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Ryan Reynolds apologised to Wrexham player for Blake Lively comment that went viral

Ryan Reynolds apologised to Wrexham player for Blake Lively comment that went viral

Ryan Reynolds' apologised to a Wrexham star for his x-rated comment made on a podcast.

Ryan Reynolds apologised to Wrexham star Ollie Palmer for a comment involving his wife Blake Lively which was exaggerated.

The Wrexham owner's remarks about the striker's tendency to be shirtless ended up going viral.

Reynolds, along with Rob McElhenney, have a special relationship with the playing squad at Wrexham and head into the dressing room after games.

However, in May, the Deadpool star revealed that he almost has to shield his other half from "a completely shirtless" Palmer, who often converses with Lively.

Image: Getty
Image: Getty

After naming the former Wimbledon star as the Wrexham player who enjoys the cameras the most, Reynolds told the Fearless in Devotion podcast: "Every time we've come as a family we've come over we have a walk down to the dressing room.

“Ollie is always the first one to walk out, completely shirtless, to have a conversation with my wife. I'm like, 'Ollie put a f**king shirt on and come back out to speak to her like a gentleman'.”

Reynolds did also describe Palmer as "one of the best guys" and talked about his WXM Clothing brand.

Although the 46-year-old wasn't being serious, after the story completely blew up and took a different slant, Reynolds felt the need to apologise.

Image: Getty
Image: Getty

“Most people do take their shirts off after the game for a shower, I just didn’t put one back on when I saw them both!" he said on talkSPORT's breakfast show.

“He messaged me after that and said, ‘I’m so sorry’ because Ryan being Ryan, he made a joke of a regular scenario in our lives and it went all the way to The Sun, the New York Post, People Magazine – ‘Ryan Reynolds blasts Ollie Palmer’.

"It’s like, can people not take a joke? They just spun this narrative on it.

“It was a complete joke and that news clip with a certain title went all around the world which was a bit weird, but it’s one of those things now I think.

"We’ve become accustomed to it. I don’t think he minds anyway.”

Promoted to League Two as National League winners last season, Wrexham are currently fifth after 13 games.

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