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The highest paid player in every Premier League season has been revealed

The highest paid player in every Premier League season has been revealed

Manchester United, Manchester City and Chelsea players feature in the highest-paid player in every Premier League season.

The highest-paid player in every Premier League season has been revealed and shows just how wages have changed over the years.

The English top flight has regularly led the way when it comes to player salaries and an influx of money arrived when the first division became the Premier League in 1992.

The average yearly salary in the United Kingdom is around £35,000 a year in 2013 but a study in 2019 from Global Sports uncovered that the average Premier League player takes home over £3 million per annum.

Back in 1992 the average yearly earning for a Premier League player was £77,000 but according to data from the likes of The Mirror, John Barnes of Liverpool made £10,000 per week and £520,000 per year in his pomp.

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Legends like Eric Cantona and Dennis Bergkamp soon became the best-paid in the league with £18,000-a-week and £25,000-a-week in the years which followed, before Fabrizio Ravanelli collected £42,000-a-week in just a single season at Middlesbrough.

Manchester United's legendary former captain Roy Keane broke the wage structure with two massive contacts in the late 90's and early 2000's before Liverpool icon Steven Gerrard became the first Premier League player to bag a £100,000-a-week deal to fend off interest from Chelsea.

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Carlos Tevez and Wayne Rooney collected £250,000 and £300,000 per week respectively in their biggest deals, while Cristiano Ronaldo negotiated a mammoth £480,000 contract upon his return to United.

At present, Manchester City captain Kevin De Bruyne is believed to be the league's top earner on £400,000-a-week.

Here is the list in full:

1992/93: John Barnes - £10,000-a-week

1993/94: John Barnes - £10,000-a-week

1994/95: Eric Cantona - £18,000-a-week

1995/96: Dennis Bergkamp - £25,000-a-week

1996/97: Fabrizio Ravanelli - £42,000-a-week

1997/98: Alan Shearer - £34,000-a-week

1998/99: Alan Shearer - £34,000-a-week

1999/00: Roy Keane - £52,000-a-week

2000/01: Roy Keane - £52,000-a-week

2001/02: Roy Keane - £90,000-a-week

2002/03: Roy Keane - £94,000-a-week

2003/04: Hernan Crespo - £94,000-a-week

2004/05: Frank Lampard - £98,000-a-week

2005/06: Steven Gerrard - £100,000-a-week

2006/07: Andriy Shevchenko - £118,000-a-week

2007/08: John Terry - £135,000-a-week

2008/09: Robinho - £160,000-a-week

2009/10: Carlos Tevez - £250,000-a-week

2010/11: Carlos Tevez - £250,000-a-week

2011/12: Carlos Tevez - £250,000-a-week

2012/13: Carlos Tevez - £250,000-a-week

2013/14: Wayne Rooney - £300,000-a-week

2014/15: Wayne Rooney - £300,000-a-week

2015/16: Wayne Rooney - £300,000-a-week

2016/17: Wayne Rooney - £300,000-a-week

2017/18: Alexis Sanchez - £350,000-a-week

2018/19: Alexis Sanchez - £350,000-a-week

2019/20: David de Gea - £375,000-a-week

2020/21: Gareth Bale - £560,000-a-week (majority paid by Real Madrid)

2021/22: Cristiano Ronaldo - £480,000-a-week

2022/23: Kevin De Bruyne - £400,000-a-week

2023/24: Kevin De Bruyne - £400,000-a-week

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