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BREAKING: VAR finally release audio from controversial incident between Andre Onana and Sasa Kalajdzic

BREAKING: VAR finally release audio from controversial incident between Andre Onana and Sasa Kalajdzic

The decision angered Wolves boss Gary O'Neil as his side were denied a penalty against Manchester United.

VAR has released the audio from the controversial incident between Andre Onana and Sasa Kalajdzic in Manchester United's win over Wolves.

Man United's 1-0 victory Wolves on the opening weekend of the new Premier League season was marred by Onana smashing into Kalajdzic.

Match referee Simon Hooper ignored Wolves' claims for a penalty, with VAR checking for a penalty.

But Michael Salisbury, who was on VAR duty, did not advise Hooper to overturn his decision to the anger of Gary O'Neil.

New show Match Officials Mic'd Up have since released the audio from VAR and the referee.

VAR said: "So, the goalkeeper goes to challenge for the ball and he makes aerial contact with the Wolves player. It's late and clumsy i my opinion.

"Dawson wins the header. But it's late, it's very late in the aerial challenge.

"I think because the Wolves player doesn't head the ball. Yeah, because Dawson heads it."

Image: Sky Sports/Premier League
Image: Sky Sports/Premier League

Speaking on the show, Howard Webb acknowledged the mistake made by VAR hence the apology to O'Neil and Wolves, saying: "I think from the outset I want to say that should have led to an intervention by VAR. We should have seen a video review being recommended and the referee should have gone to the screen. I’m confident he would have seen the images that we’ve seen and would have awarded a penalty.

"We hear the VAR in this circumstance going through the checking phase once the penalty has not been awarded and he is describing what he has seen - Onana coming out and contact with the Wolves player, Kalajdzic.

"[The VAR] starts to go down the road, I believe, towards recommending a video review, but then he overthinks it a little bit. Sometimes the VARs can do that. They’re trying to identify what the game would expect in terms of what is and isn’t a clear and obvious error.

"And when he sees these two players come together, he knows that sometimes that can happen and it’s not a foul. In this case quite interestingly neither Onana nor Kalajdzic plays the ball, so he sees in the end that as a coming together, a collision of two players, and decided not to intervene."

The chief operating officer at PGMOL added: "But the difference in this one is that Onana jumps into the Wolves player. Kalajdzic is just jumping up and not into Onana. So it’s not two players coming together, it’s one going into the other.

"We didn’t recommend a review. We should have done. We acknowledge that as an error, which, of course, was disappointing. We took the learning from that, obviously, to try and ensure going forward that type of error doesn’t happen again.

"We think it’s important we acknowledge clear errors. When it’s clear like this one, we don’t want people to benchmark against this situation. This was clearly wrong - if this happens the following week, we expect a penalty to be given. So, I think it’s only right we acknowledge errors when they happen, acknowledge that wasn’t correct; and we expect to see something different next time."

Featured Image Credit: Premier League

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